Nodiktat, just let me tell you

by Andy on June 19, 2007


Nodiktat are a pretty new outfit (only running for 6 months), but they’re really showing some promise, and they’re located in Antibes, which isn’t that far from where I worked in France last year, and for some odd reason that makes me like them even more.

Even though I can’t put my finger on what makes me feel it, there’s definitely a feeling of European style in their designs. The designs are quite varied in terms of content and style, owing to them using various designers, but the level of quality is consistently high.

They’ve apologised to me via e-mail about the quality of English on their site, and whilst it is slightly awkward in a couple of places its still all perfectly understandable, their blog is French-only though, which is a bit of a pity, but I’m sure most consumers are far more concerned with their products rather than what they’re doing on a daily basis.

They also sell some posters and wall stickers, which aren’t exactly my areas of expertise, but I do think they look pretty cool.


  • Gazou

    Hello Andy!! Thanx for the post ! just wanted to say that it’s true, our blog is still in french, but we are trying to translate all comments in english…. Coming soon our version n°2 of the website which will be much better and we won’t forget to put this blog in english !!!
    Cheers !
    And well, when you come to the french riviera, stop by and have a coffee with us!

  • Gazou

    Oh and I Forgot !!! Yes the Blog is important because it’s not what we do, but what designs we receive !!!! and we need opinions to know if we print them or not ! You’ll find all of them under the “visuel” category !!

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