Review: Brick Phone Mega by Public Domain Clothing

by Andy on June 20, 2007


So, here we are, the last in the long series of Public Domain tee reviews. I know I wasn’t exactly writing the magna carta, but it still felt really good to take such an in depth look at a clothing company, and go off-base a bit more than usual in the reviews. And of course, it helped a lot that I was reviewing excellent shirts, these reviews might have been a bit of a struggle if I had to find nice ways to describe crap for the past couple of weeks.


Yet again, PDC are employing that retro consumeristic style that everyone seems to love so much by heading back to the days when if you had a ‘mobile’ phone you needed a bag to carry it around in. As if having such an old cellphone wasn’t enough, this phone may well be the same design as was sported by Zack in Saved By The Bell. Okay, okay, I just really hope that this is the same phone as Mr Morris had in Saved By The Bell.


The design is big and strong, just like the rest of their ‘mega’ range. I would have usually expected more detail in the design, although its entirely possible that they made a version that had all the letter and numbers put in, and then decided that it was just a bit fussy, and I can see how it would be. The colourway certainly isn’t for people who are shy, but the green and brown do work really well together if you’ve got the balls to wear it out in public. I should point out that the first two pics in this review best represent the actual colour of this tee, the flash kind of threw off the colour in the rest.

For the seventh and final time, the tee quality is top notch, and so is the printing.

Costiness=$25 URL (and for the girlies)

42.jpg 52.jpg 61.jpg 71.jpg

  • Toby

    I feel like you may be breaking up w/ me. I heart HYA… xo

  • Joe

    When can I get the hardcover edition?

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