Review: Yes, It’s Really Me by Local Celebrity

by Andy on June 21, 2007


Y’know, this tee probably takes self-indulgence just about far enough for me, I can imagine getting away with it on a night out, but only because people would know that there’s a bucket-load of self-mockery going on. There’s only two types of people that can really wear this kind of tee, people who don’t mind joking about themselves, and celebrities. I got this tee for free, so I’m going to put myself in both categories, fair?


Even though most of Local Celebrity‘s range of tees have images on them, I usually associate them with text, and considering that most people would probably just think of them as a college tee type company, they actually seem pretty particular about their use of typography. The fonts used on their vintage-style tees really do maintain the illusion that these tees were made in the 70s and 80s rather than in the 00s. The colourway also helps to create that vintage image aswell, I dunno why, but the red, cream, and blue does invoke a certain element of Americana, at least in the eyes of this Brit (we have the same colour flag, yet this makes me think of the US).


Quality is top notch, the ink on this tee feels and looks as if has been washed a few times already, so its probably a case of what you see if what you get. In terms of cut, I think its a lot like American Apparel, but they say that their “t-Shirt Fit & Fabric [is] Exclusively Made for Local Celebrity” so I guess my earlier thoughts that this is an AA blank was off base, guess I can’t be right every time!

Costiness=$19.95 URL

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    definitely not american apparel…definitely cut and sew for local celeb :)


    definitely not american apparel…definitely cut and sew for local celeb :)

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