Review: Logo hoodie by Split Reason

by Andy on June 26, 2007


This review sure has been a long time coming, I can only imagine the journey that this hoodie has enjoyed on its two and a half month journey from Vancouver to northern England. It wasn’t Split Reason‘s fault, there was actually a few e-mails back and forth between HYA and SR and we decided that it was just about time to give up and that it had either disappeared or was now being worn by a happy though morally-challenged postman. But I guess you should never doubt the Royal Mail because only a couple of days later a rather ‘well-travelled’ (read: beat up) looking box arrived in the office with a hoodie inside it that didn’t seem too traumatised by its journey.


I don’t know if it was the aim of this hoodie was to get in a sneaky little kerning joke (a lot like this Preshrunk post that made me learn what kerning was, and amazingly, I didn’t take Jason’s bait!), but I sure like it. I know it doesn’t completely work since there are no reasons being split, but I still think its pretty clever, intended or not. Obviously, it is quite hard for me to critique a hoodie when its based upon a logo, you’re either a fan or you aren’t, but the style in which they’ve put the text on is pretty interesting. The stitched-on letters are raised up pretty far, I’d guess at a height of about 0.4cm from the hoodie, which does give a pretty dramatic look to the text, and is actually surprisingly flexible, its not exactly-discharge ink, but for something that is essentially blocks of thread I’m rather impressed.


Time to talk quality, the inside of this hoodie is really soft, and quite fluffy, I don’t know how long that will last with multiple washings, but for the moment it feels good. The fit is your standard kind of fitment, not really fitted, except it does hug in a bit at the elasticated bottom hem. The stock hoodie is by a brand called ‘King Fashions’, who I haven’t heard of before but from what I can tell they’re Canadian and 100% sweatshop free. They also like to put their logo on the outside of the hoodie (a little tag on one of the pockets, picture at the bottom) which is a little bit odd for a stock company, but it isn’t that obtrusive, so I don’t really mind it.

Costiness=$ URL

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  • Kevin

    Do you know if they have a store?

    I’m going to Vancouver tomorrow :D

  • Andy

    Not by the looks of things, although there is an address on their site, so maybe you can go down see things either way, like the way that you can sometimes pick orders up from mail order companies.

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