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June 2007

Hitting the ‘roids with Airside

by Andy on June 7, 2007


I’m not usually into retro tee designs since they can often rely a bit too much on nostalgia and not have a design that is up to scratch, but this tee from Airside balances those two aspects out very nicely. Blurb!:

“Back in the days of eight bit computer gaming the use of vector graphics on games like Elite had gamers in a three dimensional frenzy of triangles, lines and dots. The original of the bunch was Asteroids, which was gathering crowds in the corners of pool rooms since 1979.

We loved that game so much we decided to make Asteroids: the t-shirt, where straight lines meeting at different angles produce an entire world. And to really up the ante, it GLOWS IN THE DARK as well. Seriously. It’s not just a gimmick, it’s helps reduce your carbon footprint as you don’t need electric lights to see it. Amazing.”


Whilst I don’t entirely believed their claim that “the original of the bunch was Asteroids”, I do LOVE that it glows in the dark. It’s also very cool how Airside have the stock information that tells you how many units of each size are available, since its usually a bit of a stab in the dark whether you can wait another day or two before deciding whether you really want to buy a tee.

Costiness=£24.99 URL



I always find that there’s something quite poetic about reading a machine translated piece of text, which is why I thought I’d use that for the blurb rather than getting one of my German speaking buddies to translate it for me correctly:

“Historical Illuart, was revised and set again in scene. The older gentleman from the second-hand bookshop that me the wood pressures sold found the new suppl.-smooth-eats class… old school/new school! 20’s in effect as it were… here thus on a beautiful greymottled Hooded Zipper.”

Now, I get the feeling that the original German text probably isn’t related to wood pressure, but that older gentleman from the second-hand bookshop sure does sound interesting!


I don’t really know whats going on with this hoodie, it looks kind of like a crest made out of animals, which is a pretty cool concept. The hood print is quite interesting too. The cut and shape of the hoodie itself look a little different from the norm, the zipper seems to go up quite high so that the hood makes up a bit of a ski mask shape, which would probably be pretty useful during winter, or if you were going to ‘make a withdrawal’ from a bank.

Costiness=€69.90 URL



Today we’re taking a look at the 2nd in our 7 part series, Better Know Public Domain Clothing’s Tee Range, the fightin’ 2nd!

Yeah, I really missed the Colbert Report last week when they were on break, along with the Daily Show, those two shows are where I get most of my American news from, since I can only stand to watch Fox News for about 5 minutes at a time.


This tee is s-weeet! They’ve stuck to their guns by keeping the print big, but taken it in a whole different direction by going for this patterned approach with various angles of the one-colour watch print. It works really well, and I must congratulate them yet again on the choice of colourway, it really conveys a feeling of class. I wore this tee tonight on a night out for my good friend Robin’s birthday (seen here on the left) and my favourite reaction was was “hold up, is that a casio calculator watch? Sweet.” Yep, there’s clearly still a lot of love out there for watches with a calculator.


Obviously, the printing and quality are the same as with the first tee I reviewed, so I’ll just give a quick summary of my original thoughts. Very soft, quite fitted, and the print is barely noticeable when you run your fingers over it, impressive.

Costiness=$25 URL

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Sorry, too lazy to cut up the product photos…

Owl Movement restocked a few designs today, and it was pretty hard for me to pick a favourite between the three, but I went for this ‘Scuba Platypus’ design because the use of patterns and simple lines are pretty interesting. Silly, whimsical blurb:

“What is this silly platypus doing? Doesn’t he know that he can swim perfectly well without scuba gear? When will he learn? These are all great questions that the scuba-diving platypus prompts.”

Printed on AA and $20, can’t really go wrong.

Costiness=$20 URL


Veggies by SquidFire

by Andy on June 6, 2007


Man, it has been way too long since the last featured track jacket on HYA, I’ll try and hunt out more in the future.

Squidfire released some new designs recently, and I’m pretty sure that this veggies jacket is one of them, but if not, who cares, it looks good anyway! I don’t know what it is about putting faces on non-human or animal things, but people really seem to like them (it seems as if there’s almost one tee a week at Threadless that slaps a face on something, like that refridgerator last week).

“A quartet of friendly vegetables are cuttin’ a rug on this navy American Apparel track jacket with white trim.”

It’s only available in x-small or x-large, so I would guess that this isn’t one of the new designs, or perhaps they just haven’t printed up all the sizes yet.

Costiness=$48 URL

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The history of Threadless

by Andy on June 6, 2007

Jake Nickell (he of the Threadless profile numer of 1) has written up a short history of Threadless, its a pretty fun read, even if you’ll probably know it all already if you follow Threadless even half as closely as I do.

Check it out here.

Oh, and since it’s slightly on topic, someone has started a new blog dedicated entirely to t-shirt design competition companies, it’s called Compete-tee-tion.


Review: Stencil White by Tasty Tees

by Andy on June 5, 2007


Before we get into the meat of this review I’d like to share a few parts of Tasty Tees mission statement with you:

“our mission is to create a tshirt label that is fun, emphasizes quality and creativity and puts the artist first and foremost. we embrace the tshirt as an alternative medium for artists to display their work and livelihood. our tshirt label is eclectic and reflects each artist’s individual flair. each tee is handprinted and our designs are limited to no more than 1000 prints. a healthy portion of our profits directly supports each artist and nonprofit organizations that support the arts community.”

Yeah, they seem to hate using capitals, but they also seem to love what they’re doing. A clothes company should be fun, and I can tell from their e-mails that these guys are having some fun with their company.


I don’t immediately associate this design with the term ‘stencil’, but I guess that’s because t-shirts are almost always done from a stencil (screenprinting is pretty much stenciling, right?), but that’s what TT have called this design and I can see why, because on second glance it does seem very stencil-y. Obviously, there is quite a lot going on in this deisgn, but it certainly does flow nicely, and the way that the many different elements interact with each other is cool, because two little elements often often result in the creation of an entirely new element when looked at together rather than separately. That was clearly a terrible way to describe that, but it is rather a clever effect no matter what I say. TT have also printed their logo on back of the tee around the neckline.


The tee is printed onto an American Apparel t-shirt, so chances are you’ll already know what size to get and how it will fit you, which I guess makes things quite a bit easier, but if not here‘s the AA sizing chart anyway. The print itself is pretty nice too, feels soft and I doubt that this will be cracking any time soon, although I must admit that I haven’t actually given it a wash test yet (despite what the pics look like, I just thought that putting it on the washing line was a pretty cool idea for product shots).

Costiness=$20 ($5 shipping no matter how many tees you order) URL

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The Armed by Tank Theory @ Karmaloop

by Andy on June 5, 2007


Large print? Unusual print placements? Gold foil? Use of negative space? I’m practically shaking with hoodie-related excitement!


Even though it does tick all my design element loving boxes, I’m not that crazy about this, yeah, it is very well done, but I feel as if there could be a little more on the front. Or perhaps they were taking an almost mullet-esque approach to hoodie design, small on the front, big on the back?

Costiness=$44 URL

postkarmaloop copy.jpg



Yeah, that title sucks, and that’s why I’ve being posting boring titles recently, I’ve lost my titling mojo!

On the face of it, Bountee looks good, their site is good, their designs/designers are good, and their pricing is good (for an English site). The interesting thing about Bountee to me is how essentially they are a print-on-demand company (designers upload and sell their designs through Bountee), and yet their designs look nothing like anything that I’ve seen from other print-on-bemand services. I mean that in a good way, the designs look far more like items that you’d see from a regular tee company who had their tees screen printed. I do wonder whether they’re printing and producing garments that match up the quality of the designs though, because if the other print-on-demand services don’t print designs like this, how come Bountee can?

Well, this issue as actually been covered by Karl already (there’s a lot of discussion on that post Tcritic post as well), and whilst I don’t really understand the technicalities of ‘Direct-to-Garment’ printing, they seem pretty confident about it, and the results seem to speak for themselves.

Their organisation is very web2.0 (well, they were on Mashable!, after all), with lots of big fonts, tagging, star ratings, and integration with social sites like Digg and, but one feature I really like is the ability to browse by colour. Usually, I don’t have a particular colour of tee in mind if I’m shopping, but it is quite a cool feature and I’m surprised that more companies don’t feature it as a search/browisng option.

My personal favourite design at the moment, ‘Last Fairy on Earth‘ (pictured), and if you’re thinking the design looks quite Threadless-esque, thats probably because the designer has had a tee printed at Threadless (even though those two tees are in completely different styles…).




Public Domain Clothing sent me a box with seven tees in it. Seven. I’m not saying that you can buy my love, but I may well actually be in love with a clothing company. I’m going to review every tee individually, but don’t worry about it being PDC overload for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to spread it out, although these tees are great so I wouldn’t really mind if I had to review them every day for the next month.


I wore ‘turntable mega’ on Saturday night and it was received pretty well, its not exactly one of those tees that demands that people pay attention to it, but there’s a certain subtle class and quality to the design and the colourway that I really like, its almost a perfect execution of this style. I’m really into large prints at the moment, which is probably why I’m going so ga-ga over this turntable tee, and the way that the design wraps around to the side looks really nice, and that kind of non-standard placement separates this tee out from your standard image on chest tee.


The printing is lovely, I ran my fingers across the tee with my eyes closed and I barely (and I really mean barely) tell the difference between the printed and non-printed areas. I’m not sure if their blank tees are custom to Public Domain, or if they’re printing on a commercially availble stock tee (it feels as if it might be American Apparel, and the cut is very similar to AA as well), but it certainly did feel soft when I gave it a road test in a hot and smoky club at the weekend.

Costiness=$25 URL

A couple more pics after the break.
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Charity Donation’s #5 &#6

by Andy on June 4, 2007

May was a pretty decent month in terms of revenue, so I decided to give to two charities this month. The first, as ever, was through Kiva, this month we gave to a Cambodian mat-maker and mother of 8 called Sok Roeun.

The second charity is rather more topical (hey, I don’t just try and stay in clothes fashion). The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are a charity who have been recognised by the International Whaling Commission as “as the most powerful threat to illegal whaling activities on the high seas.” They’re also supported by the Dalai Lama, which is good enough for me!

Illegal whaling may be the hot button issue, but I’m actually looking at shark finning at the moment. I wasn’t really aware that there were fishermen that would catch a shark, cut off the fin, and throw the shark back whether it was dead or alive, until I was enlightened by ‘The Dude’ from Ban T-shirts. He’s really got behind this issue, and has created a website and a MySpace page to try and raise awareness. He’s also done what you’d expect someone with a t-shirt company to do, made a t-shirt to support the cause. All profits from the tee (which is a good design as well as a good message) go to Sea Shepherd, so if you want to help support the cause this could be a great way to spread the message whilst also helping Sea Shepherd to continue their work.


Machine and Engine Parts by Slowshirts

by Andy on June 4, 2007


Slowshirts kinda fell off my radar, I think they fell off a lot of people’s radar, but they seem to have come back in Etsy form (I’m not sure if they have a regular site too) and I’m really digging their new designs (and maybe I’ll Tdigg them later).


The squiggly-ness of the design kind of reminds me of a more mechanical version of ‘Squidplosion‘ by Squidfire (who just redesigned their site btw), and it really works well with all the wires and car parts, especially with this slightly retro technical style of drawing.

Costiness=$45 ($5.25 shipping) URL


Chateau Roux Hate You

by Andy on June 4, 2007

ILoveHate (Small).jpg

Okay, they don’t really hate you, but hate is the theme that runs through their latest line, and just like pretty much everything else that they produce, I rather like it.

Lets enjoy a bit of info about the new range from CRs creative director, Greg:

Tronic YellowOnCharcoal (Small).jpg

“The new range has taken a step away from the graphical images seen
in our first range
and has moved towards a more text based approach (Roux Ind/Tronic/Brothel).”

HateScream (Small).jpg

“We also continue our ‘twists on the norm’ by changing the well know ‘Love Hate’ theme to ‘Hate Hate’, with the Hate Scream tee and the I Love Hate tee aswell as the Hate Hate knuckles and Hate Size Zero vest for the ladies.We’ve also added female ‘slouch’ tees with our suggestive ‘Roux In Me’ and ‘Roux Ind’ prints (attached) that are perfect for the summer festival season and that are amazing worn over a vest or bikini!”

RIYGreenOnCharcoal (Small).jpg

“There are also some new colourways in old favourites, like the neon green on charcoal and black on white Roux In You and of course our best selling design to date; the Stamp,in black on white and pink on yellow!”

They’ve also had some mainstream exposure recently, as their ‘Roux In You’ design was chosen as the number 1 must-have summer tee in FHM magazine, and I’ve seen Tim Lovejoy and some of the other Soccer AM crew sporting CR tees over the past season (for non-English readers: Soccer AM is a popular saturday morning TV show all about football).

As ever, it isn’t the cheapest range in the world (around £35-40), but I really can’t say enough good things about the quality of this brand, everything about them goes beyond everything that I’ve seen from high-end t-shirts labels in the past, I know its quite a lot of money for a tee, but I really do think that its worth it. Check out my review of a tee from their last range for more on their quality.

Chateau Roux


I wish I was a Local Celebrity

by Andy on June 1, 2007


I remember seeing this tee on TV a couple of days ago (possibly on a Real World episode, note: that show is hilariously terrible) and I quite like it. Personally, I’m not exactly a Local Celebrity, although having said that, only 11 people live in my little hamlet so I guess it would be a bit of a struggle.

On Local Celebrity (the tee company, not this tee in particular), they’ve got a decent range of tees that have a 70s and 80s look to them, kind of in the PalmerCash mould. LC have got a certain class to their designs (I especially enjoy their use of typography) that I like, and whilst most of these vintage-look stores seem to all sell variations on the same ideas, LC actually seem to be selling entirely original designs, at least designs that are new to me.

Costiness=$19.95 ($1 shipping if you buy 3 shirts) URL


NY State of Mind by Bean Dip Clothing

by Andy on June 1, 2007


I think I may have already mentioned that the guys from BDC released some new designs in a cotton filter a while back, but I really wanted to feautre one of their designs too, because I really like the direction they’ve taken recently. This hoodie continues their Artist Connection Series, I like how they get guest artists in to do designs, yet those designs stick fairly rigidly to the aesthetic and spirit of the rest of Bean Dip’s range.

To be honest, I’d never heard the quote on the hoodie before (“sleep is the cousin of death”), but I’ve taught myself to always google these things before writing a post so that I don’t end up looking like a jackass, and it paid off for me this time. It turns out that its an African proverb, which is probably how it ended up being in a song by Nas (a rapper I’ve barely heard of), and whaddya know, the song is called… “New York State of Mind.” So now we all understand the reference!

Costiness=$56 URL


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