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July 2007

Review: The Shadow of Life by Nuda Tees

by Andy on July 31, 2007


I always like it when tee companies are aware that they aren’t reinventing the wheel, which is why it is pretty refreshing to see that Nuda Tees have given themselves the slogan of “yet another t-shirt site, but for really, really hip people.” Although its not exactly the perfect slogan, because without wanting to alienate some of the readers, how hip are people who get the reference in this tee?


This tee is pretty ‘hip’ though (whatever the hell that word really means), it looks more like it should be framed up on a wall rather than across my chest, and the more I look at it the more that I like it. As a concept its pretty cool, normality on the top and a severe contrast underneath, it kind of feels to me as if its kind of a day/night contrast, but that’s only because we sometimes have bats fling around our house at night.


Let’s talk quality. The tee is printed on a Gildan heavyweight tee, which to those of you who are unaware is a regular fit kind of tee, fairly boxy, and also quite think cotton. They also seem to last for a long time, although there is a bit of fall-off in terms of softness after a few washes. Print quality feels impressive too.

Costiness=$15 URL

42.jpg 52.jpg

*Nuda Tees, much like almost every other tee site do accept designs submissions, but unlike most tee companies offer a very competitive rate of $2 per tee sold*

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Monstabash by

by Andy on July 31, 2007


This tee is way too good to have sat in my inbox for at least a fortnight, so sorry about that. This tee, known as Monstabash, is‘s first printed tee, which the Swiss designer is hoping will lead onto great things, and judging by the look of the other designs that are on the rather slick Flash-based website I can see him getting some considerable attention in the future.


The pictures of the other tees that are on the site are just photos of the test prints at the moment, but I’m sure that if there is enough interest in Monstabash that the other designs will be available soon.

The site is almost entirely in German at the moment, there is an English version in the works, but the site isn’t too hard to navigate even if your German is about as good as mine (…terrible).

Costiness=€32 URL

monstabash_3.jpg monstabash_4.jpg monstabash_5.jpg



Grey on grey, some would say its a bit of a risky choice, but when you give the print a vintage look like T5S have, then I think it works really well, it kind of has a rock-like edge to it.


Also, whilst I’m no expert on female tailoring, I do dig how this piece runs slightly long, and having the ‘mock’ neck is pretty interesting too, although I wouldn’t be all that sure how you’re meant to wear it, like, can it be treated as a large collar or is it meant to point up?

Costiness=$72 URL (remember, coupon code AS7594 gets you up to 20% off, and will mean I can buy ‘stuff’)


Review: Boogie by Nervy Apparel

by Andy on July 30, 2007


Okay, you’ve seen the top picture, and even though its only a small part of the tee, I know what you Star Wars fans are like, so I’m going to link to link to the tee right now so that you can buy it as quickly as possible.


When I pulled this tee out of the box, I kind of got the feeling that I was holding something that might end up being a big deal, Star Wars inspired designs have a tendency to get quite a lot of attention, and when you mash up one seventies icon with another, dance/Night Fever in this case, then you’ve pretty much got a nostalgic match made in heaven. I described this tee to my friends at the pub one evening, and one of them immediately responded, “there should be a Death Star disco ball!”, and I think that was a great idea, but it would have been dangling in thin air on the design which I don’t think would have looked all that great.


The quality is impressive, the tee itself is American Apparel, and the print looks as if it will stand up to a fair amount of punishment. I don’t know the extent that Merchline are involved with the production of Nervy Apparel‘s tee’s, but these tees do maintain the high standards that I’ve come to imagine from Merchline powered brands. The colourway is fairly subdued, which you would expect since it is in sepia tones, but I think it works quite well, and maybe if it were a full-colour reproduction of the characters it would fall into the category of cheesy merchandise rather than loving homage.

Costiness=$22 Guys/Girls [Nervy Apparel]

31.jpg 51.jpg 61.jpg 71.jpg


Who likes the new look?

by Andy on July 30, 2007

You guys know I’m not a designer, which is why I write about clothes rather than make them, but the old look was getting rather stale, and frankly I was a little bit bored, so I thought I’d freshen things up with the rather excellent theme that Blogging Pro released a few months ago.

As ever with these kinds of change overs, things aren’t exactly as I’d like them to be quite yet, not all the colours are quite right as I’m sure you can tell, but I think this looks pretty good.

If you have any thoughts on it, or spot any bugs that need clearing up then feel free to let me know.


Lore Clothing @ Karmaloop Kazbah

by Andy on July 30, 2007


Oh man, I subscribed to Grooveeffect a couple of days ago, and they’re really finding some great brands, so that’s another source supplying the HYA reservoir of excellent content!

Lore Clothing, from San Francisco, must be fairly new to the Karmaloop Kazbah because I don’t remember seeing them on there, although I haven’t visited in quite a long time, but I guess the age isn’t all that important because these tees still look damn good. The big prints do tread over a variety of themes and styles, but the focus does seem to be on intricate designs with a lot of detail, with a fairly ‘old-world’ style of illustration to them.

Links for: Featured tee, Lore Studio & Lore Clothing @ the Kazbah [via Grooveeffect, obviously]


Death To Helvetica!

by Andy on July 30, 2007


After telling Jason that I was going to steal his find, I was quite tempted to just copy and paste his entire post as a joke, but then I got an attack of the morals and thought I’d better write something myself.

Naturally, I don’t want to see the death of a much-loved typeface, especially as its bastard brother Arial black is being used in the HYA* header graphic, but I did look at this tee and think, “wow, that’s pretty beautiful, I simply must steal this”, so I did!

Costiness=$60 Aussie dollars URL


Tokyo Invaders tee by Tokyo Art Beat

by Andy on July 27, 2007


It would seem that Space Invaders are as popular nowadays as they were back in the 80s! This tee is available in Tokyo Art Beat’s signature colours of blue, white, and pink, but I thought that a bit of gold foil worked superbly with this design.



“The two stylized approximations of the Chinese characters used for “Tokyo” are reminiscent of the famous Space Invaders video game. Is Tokyo being invaded, and if so, by who? By what? Or is it we who are being overwhelmed by Tokyo’s stylistic powers?”

Costiness=$31 URL


Ture Love and False Idols site redesign

by Andy on July 27, 2007


Damn, how did I forget to mention this earlier? The site has been live for a a little while, so they’ve got quite a lot of content in their blog now, with plenty of pictures of celebs and not-so-celebs wearing their clothes.

True Love & False Idols


Help People Like Us name a tee

by Andy on July 27, 2007


Here’s a fairly simple competition for you, have a go at naming naming this beautiful tee by JP33 at People Like Us, and your name will be thrown in the hat for winning the aforementioned beautiful tee. Here’s their blurb about the new tee:

“This t-shirt makes us think of sunny days spent out of doors and makes us smile. Looking at it you can smell the happy outdoory feeling!! When we saw a girl wearing a t-shirt that said “Betty Ford Clinic” on it the other day it made us sad (because it was such a crappy design!), but, this latest offering from JP33 keep People Like Us firmly on the path of great design. Check out the intricacy, the beautiful colour and the care, love and attention to detail!”

Personally, think that the current place marker of ‘Untitled Tree’ has a certain something to it, but I’m sure you can do much better. You can enter as many times as you like, but you have to be fairly quick as the competition is closing on August 3rd, which I do believe is in 1 week. I do believe that you can enter by e-mailing, but I’m not definite on that and am waiting on a response via e-mail. Happy naming!

People Like Us


Teetonic are a bunch of hippies

by Andy on July 27, 2007

I don’t why it is that I feel that I can make fun of Teetonic just because they’re a Scottish company,but I promise, I do love them really!

And yet another reason to be a fan of them is that they’re ‘going green’ by switching over to organic fair trade cotton tees. Here’s the announcement from their mailout:

“ are pleased to announce that we are going green! We are currently sourcing fair trade organic, cotton tees which will be hitting the shop in the next few weeks. This isn’t some sort of fad, this is something we genuinely believe in, and shows once again that is ahead of the rest! Moving forward with our new range, we hope to phase out our old stock and existing tees. Our first organic tee will be Scissors vs Rock vs Paper by ‘Davec’. More info on this will follow over the next couple of weeks.”

I don’t know if they’re going to be switching to organic inks as well, but I don’t know if that is even possible, maybe one day. They also have a new tee out that from a competition that they ran with the Scottish version the Page 3-loving The Sun.

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Brooklyn Industries new releases

by Andy on July 26, 2007


Brooklyn Industries released a new wave of goodies and I was so impressed that I thought I’d mention three of their products. The first is this fairly simple, yet rather stylishly impressive hoodie, which I think would be set off quite well if paired up with a big-print tee. Costiness=$72 URL


Lovin’ the colourway on this, although I don’t really know what that green squiggle thing is down on the bottom left. And I guess its a bit topical since Britain has been under clouds for what feels like months. Costiness=$28 URL


This is a bit of a departure from the other two items, so I guess there isn’t really a unifying theme to the new designs, but it doesn’t them from being damn good! I’m sure they’re just sticking true to an old advert, but I don’t really know if having two gramophones if really all that necessary to the design. Costiness=$28 URL


NerdyShirts sale coming on Monday

by Andy on July 26, 2007

Just for a change, I’m going to tell you not to buy something, because NerdyShirts has got a 25% off sale coming up on Monday, so if you were going to buy a tee or two it’d probably worth waiting a few days. Here’s some blurb:

“Starting Monday morning, NerdyShirts will be running a sitewide
25% off sale. Our standard shirt price of $20 will drop to $15 for
a limited time. All of our gear, from t-shirts to undies to accessories,
will be marked down.”

Nerdy Shirts (affiliate link)

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Marriage is so gay

by Andy on July 26, 2007


So, anyone in the house of HYA into marriage equality rights? I saw quite a lot gay and lesbian couples in Amsterdam, and saw a hobo at the homomonument (I love that rhyme), and I can’t really see a reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to have similar rights to male-female couples. Obviously, this tee is all about giving gay couples those kinds of rights, and a proportion of all sales goes to organisations promoting marriage equality.

Costiness=$20 URL


Threadless Order Map… why?

by Andy on July 25, 2007

File this under pointless but fun: Threadless has a real-time map of orders being placed on their site, I dunno if they’ve had this for ages, but it does feel like they only way that they were going to cram some kind of google maps mashup onto Threadless.

Check it!


Space Invaders hoodies at Cool Hunting

by Andy on July 25, 2007


This news is about 6/7 hours old by now (I’m still working through a big RSS feed backlog, 1774 items read already today!) so I’m not sure if these will still be available, as Cool Hunting is a wildly popular blog, but they’re exclusively selling some rather lovely looking Space Invaders hoodies for $150 (inc. US shipping).

Without getting all informercial on you, if you want it, e-mail in your order now!

Linky linky linky!



If only it weren’t a fake!

I spotted this at a flea market on the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam, a long with a whole host of other ripoffs, including one of those Che Guevara tees where the guy looked like me rather than Che.

The printing was absolutely terrible, otherwise I might have actually been tempted to drop €25 on it since I don’t think Threadless have ever offered this design as a hoodie.


Good Guys Wear Black by The Hundreds

by Andy on July 25, 2007


For the first few years of this decade/century, I pretty much only wore black tees, largely because my t-shirt collection was a bit of a who’s who of pop-punk band tees, and those guys did love a bit of black, nowadays my wardrobe is a veritable rainbow, but I do still enjoy a well designed black tee, especially as its a rather more slimming colour than most!

Costiness=$35 URL [image & via: Hypebeast]


Phonebirds by Julie Hill @ Oddica

by Andy on July 25, 2007


Loving this! To be honest, I don’t really get it conceptually, is there a story behind it? Still, it just looks great, especially with the rather subdued colourway options that are being offered by Oddica.

This is just one of nine new items that have been added to the Oddica shop today, some are new designs, and some are old designs printed on new apparel, such as polos or tank tops.

Costiness=$20 URL


No Star: New tees and 20% off coupon

by Andy on July 25, 2007


Man, how many coupon codes are flying around at the moment?

No Star Clothing who are far better than their lack of HYA-love suggests, have got some cool new designs coming, and I guess that in celebration of the new releases (or maybe just ‘cos its summer) they’re giving you a generous 20% off your order when you spend $20 or more in their store. The coupon code is ‘SUMMER07‘ and whilst there is no published end date for the coupon, my guess is that it will last until… the start of Autumn?

Check it out! (I don’t think all the new stuff is in the store yet, so keep an eye out)


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