It’s about damn time!

by Andy on July 16, 2007

One of the biggest gripes that I had about Threadless was that they didn’t pay people when their designs were reprinted. I guess this was something that a lot of people have said since they’ve now changed their policy so that every time a design gets reprinted, the artist gets $500. They’ve even upped the original cash reward to $2500 as well (may they were getting jealous of Design By Humans and their rather well-endowed prize-packages).

They’ve also started the ‘Alumni Club‘, I’ll let their news release explain.

“…we’ve always wanted to do cool random stuff for designers that have been selected other than just paying out cash and now we have the ability to do so. When you first win, you will get access to the Alumni Club area in the blog forum, a membership card, a totally sweet Alumni Club medal of honor, an Alumni Club tee shirt, an Alumni Club coffee mug and a fancy Alumni Club mousepad. We plan to offer other awesome stuff for Alumni Club members in the future so stay tuned! And yes, everyone who has been selected in the past will have the opportunity to get all of these goodies.”

I think that’s something that is sorely needed within the Threadless community, and I’m pretty sure that this is linked getting desingers to pick future Threadless tees, as was recently mentioned in their New York Times article.

I wonder if the $500 for reprints is retrospective, I doubt it, but I’m sure the people that made ‘Flowers in the Attic’ and ‘The Communist Party’ wouldn’t mind their reprint cash!

Here’s the blog post from Threadless.

  • karl

    Nice catch, very interesting move considering the designed by humans launch last week :-) Very happy to see them pay artists on reprints.

  • Jason

    Inevitably, great minds think alike. Stay tuned….Design By Humans announcement coming tomorrow. ;)

  • Marc

    Design By Humans just announced artist residuals! They call it the DBH Rockstar Awards. Check it out!

  • jake (not the threadless jake’s)

    I’m almost willing to bet that Tom Burns, Glenn Jonez and Jason Nelson are ready to fist-fight the Jakes… Why t-less can’t just man-up and toss them another 2k on a reprint is mind boggling. Maybe it has to do with a custom home being built in Boulder Colorado, and retarted purchases- like a GMC DeLorean and a go-cart for the shop.


    I honestly feel that t-less is about to feel a pretty hard sting. Their “fuck you” business practices are about catch up to them. I’ve noticed that Stinger has already headed on over…

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