Design By Humans: Rockstar Awards

by Andy on July 17, 2007

Yesterday Threadless announced that every time a design gets reprinted, the artist would be given $500.

Today, Design By Humans has set out their own payment structure for rewarding artists who create popular designs. Sell, 1000 tees, get $500, and then there’s varying levels of reward all the way up to $5000 for selling 10,000 tees.

The interesting thing to me is that I’m pretty sure Threadless print a minimum of 1500 tees (based on a figure I think I remember from last year, so its probably higher now) when they do a reprint, and whilst I’m no maths whizz, that ends up being less going to the artist per tee sold, right?

That said, Design By Humans doesn’t have the same amount of people buying their shirts as Threadless (at least not yet), so it would probably be considerably harder at the moment to sell 10,000 tees at DBH than it is at Threadless, but DBH are clearly showing themselves as a very serious potential rival to Threadless, and I’m sure that reward programmes like theirs are going to be getting them quite a lot of attention.

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