Space Invaders hoodies at Cool Hunting

by Andy on July 25, 2007


This news is about 6/7 hours old by now (I’m still working through a big RSS feed backlog, 1774 items read already today!) so I’m not sure if these will still be available, as Cool Hunting is a wildly popular blog, but they’re exclusively selling some rather lovely looking Space Invaders hoodies for $150 (inc. US shipping).

Without getting all informercial on you, if you want it, e-mail in your order now!

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  • Noddy

    I LOVE the design and colours used. Just a shame about the excessive price tag :(

  • Lindsay

    I love LOVE love the space invaders. I think I am going to order a hat with a pink invader on it right now.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Leroy

    Nice design but massively overpriced! What a total rip-off! There are tons of Space Invaders clothing being sold online, especially at a cheaper price. Plus, you will not break a sweat finding a comparable design at a much more better deal.

    This over-priced hoodie is mainly for clueless yuppie-scum who probably pay 80 bucks a roll for designer inspired toilet paper.

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