Threadless Order Map… why?

by Andy on July 25, 2007

File this under pointless but fun: Threadless has a real-time map of orders being placed on their site, I dunno if they’ve had this for ages, but it does feel like they only way that they were going to cram some kind of google maps mashup onto Threadless.

Check it!

  • Alex@thetshirtblog

    I am looking at this in the middle of the night, and the orders are popping up every 10 seconds, and they definitely seem to be looping, so I don’t know how “real time” this can be. Could be a really cool idea for an e-commerce site to have a real time feed of what items are being bought – might be insteresting for shoppers to see and boost sales. Wonder if there are any privacy issues there though?

  • harper

    Hi. i wrote the order map awhile ago. It was a fun little hack. I think it launched a little over a year ago. anyway. it is barely real time. it does loop – but only if there haven’t been many updates. but it is fun.

    In regards to the privacy issues – The original internal version had full addresses and what not. Now it is just the center of the order’s zip code. still a little crazy eh.

    hope you like it.

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