Brooklyn Industries new releases

by Andy on July 26, 2007


Brooklyn Industries released a new wave of goodies and I was so impressed that I thought I’d mention three of their products. The first is this fairly simple, yet rather stylishly impressive hoodie, which I think would be set off quite well if paired up with a big-print tee. Costiness=$72 URL


Lovin’ the colourway on this, although I don’t really know what that green squiggle thing is down on the bottom left. And I guess its a bit topical since Britain has been under clouds for what feels like months. Costiness=$28 URL


This is a bit of a departure from the other two items, so I guess there isn’t really a unifying theme to the new designs, but it doesn’t them from being damn good! I’m sure they’re just sticking true to an old advert, but I don’t really know if having two gramophones if really all that necessary to the design. Costiness=$28 URL

  • Joe

    That green squiggly thing says ‘BR/KLYN’ (the R and K are kind of ambiguously conjoined). And I remember seeing a t-shirt of a page of old advertisements recently on a different site… hm… do you remember that, too?

  • Andy

    Good point on the green squiggle. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the old ads on a tee, and if it was you, well, I tried going through your archives and became consumed with jealousy at the post about doughnuts and had to stop reading.

  • Joe

    Oh man… now I’M reminded about how good those doughnuts sounded… I’ll dig around to see if I can find it, but I can’t promise whether it will be before or after I eat something delicious.

  • Joe

    Meh, that was easier and quicker than I expected… I think I was thinking of Frankie Goes to Hollywood from Paper Root! They’re all movie adverts, and not nearly as vintage as the ones on Brooklyn Industries‘.

  • Andy

    Ah, I see, I might see that in the future for review as there is currently a package making its way across the atlantic from Paper Root.

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