Tokyo Invaders tee by Tokyo Art Beat

by Andy on July 27, 2007


It would seem that Space Invaders are as popular nowadays as they were back in the 80s! This tee is available in Tokyo Art Beat’s signature colours of blue, white, and pink, but I thought that a bit of gold foil worked superbly with this design.



“The two stylized approximations of the Chinese characters used for “Tokyo” are reminiscent of the famous Space Invaders video game. Is Tokyo being invaded, and if so, by who? By what? Or is it we who are being overwhelmed by Tokyo’s stylistic powers?”

Costiness=$31 URL

  • Kevin

    shipping will be a *$%#&.

  • Andy

    Amazingly, shipping and handling for one tee comes to 594 Yen, or about £2.50, which is probably less than some Brit located stores charge!

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