Lore Clothing @ Karmaloop Kazbah

by Andy on July 30, 2007


Oh man, I subscribed to Grooveeffect a couple of days ago, and they’re really finding some great brands, so that’s another source supplying the HYA reservoir of excellent content!

Lore Clothing, from San Francisco, must be fairly new to the Karmaloop Kazbah because I don’t remember seeing them on there, although I haven’t visited in quite a long time, but I guess the age isn’t all that important because these tees still look damn good. The big prints do tread over a variety of themes and styles, but the focus does seem to be on intricate designs with a lot of detail, with a fairly ‘old-world’ style of illustration to them.

Links for: Featured tee, Lore Studio & Lore Clothing @ the Kazbah [via Grooveeffect, obviously]

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