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by Andy on July 31, 2007


This tee is way too good to have sat in my inbox for at least a fortnight, so sorry about that. This tee, known as Monstabash, is‘s first printed tee, which the Swiss designer is hoping will lead onto great things, and judging by the look of the other designs that are on the rather slick Flash-based website I can see him getting some considerable attention in the future.


The pictures of the other tees that are on the site are just photos of the test prints at the moment, but I’m sure that if there is enough interest in Monstabash that the other designs will be available soon.

The site is almost entirely in German at the moment, there is an English version in the works, but the site isn’t too hard to navigate even if your German is about as good as mine (…terrible).

Costiness=€32 URL

monstabash_3.jpg monstabash_4.jpg monstabash_5.jpg

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