Review: The Shadow of Life by Nuda Tees

by Andy on July 31, 2007


I always like it when tee companies are aware that they aren’t reinventing the wheel, which is why it is pretty refreshing to see that Nuda Tees have given themselves the slogan of “yet another t-shirt site, but for really, really hip people.” Although its not exactly the perfect slogan, because without wanting to alienate some of the readers, how hip are people who get the reference in this tee?


This tee is pretty ‘hip’ though (whatever the hell that word really means), it looks more like it should be framed up on a wall rather than across my chest, and the more I look at it the more that I like it. As a concept its pretty cool, normality on the top and a severe contrast underneath, it kind of feels to me as if its kind of a day/night contrast, but that’s only because we sometimes have bats fling around our house at night.


Let’s talk quality. The tee is printed on a Gildan heavyweight tee, which to those of you who are unaware is a regular fit kind of tee, fairly boxy, and also quite think cotton. They also seem to last for a long time, although there is a bit of fall-off in terms of softness after a few washes. Print quality feels impressive too.

Costiness=$15 URL

42.jpg 52.jpg

*Nuda Tees, much like almost every other tee site do accept designs submissions, but unlike most tee companies offer a very competitive rate of $2 per tee sold*

  • Kevin

    Really nice print for such a cheap price.

    Better then something you’d find on Threadless, I think.

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