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August 2007

Spoeke Boy @ Human empire

by Andy on August 31, 2007


I have no idea what ‘Spoeke’ means in German, but I do like that lovable little smiling ghost.

HE are still doing it old school (well, as old-school as you can be with a website), so you have to e-mail them your order.

Costiness=€49 URL (top right)

*Is there any chance it would just mean ‘spook’?*


Usually I never write Americanised spellings of words because I believe that its a bastardisation of English, a language that’s a bit of a mongrel to begin with; but since Labor Day is an American thing anyway, I’m going to let it slide just this once.

Yeah, BI are rocking a decent sized sale for the next five days (up until Tuesday Sept. 4th) with quite a few items enjoying 50% off their original prices.

Brooklyn Industries Sale



I can’t bring myself to watch the video of the South Carolina entrant in Miss Teen USA saying something about maps, because it just doesn’t feel right that everyone is poking so much fun at her when presumably she was just a nervous. But still…

This tee is actually pretty well designed, I like the idea, although I have no clue whether Zazzle offer a quality product or not, and I’m sure that within a couple of weeks people will look at this tee and go, “what? oh yeah, her”

Costiness=$19.95 URL

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Very interesting graphic, kind of reminds me of a Banksy-esque stencil, except without the obvious political commentary. Blurb!

‘If you’re not first, you might as well be dead! On the front left is La Carrera logo. On the back is a large printing of three cyclists, with the two lagging behind as skeletons. “Hasta La Muerte!” or in other words, “Until Death!”‘

Costiness=$64 URL


‘Starchild’ at SaltWaterMonkey

by Andy on August 30, 2007


SaltWaterMonkey were a brand that I was hoping to mention before I went to Amsterdam, since they’re a Dutch label and I thought it would have been a convenient tie-in, but I guess it doesn’t matter when these brands get shown off as long as they get the attention they deserve eventually.

With a few of their designs, I would have the criticism that the prints are a bit on the small side compared to the tees, but this ‘Starchild’ tee doesn’t suffer from that problem. Using a single colour for the print works really well and sets the mood of the piece, and what a beautiful piece it is, I wouldn’t know whether to wear it or frame it if it were to find its way to HYA HQ (coughcough)!

Luckily for us, like everyone I met in Amsterdam, these guys do sprekt der engels (that could be some waaaay wrong Dutch), and have an English site to compliment their Dutch one.

Costiness=€25 Mens Womens

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Threadless Sale: What did you get?

by Andy on August 30, 2007


Well, I just put my order in, a ‘Communist Party‘ tee for my brother, and a ‘My Pet Humanhoodie for me. I don’t really know how well ‘My Pet Human’ will work as a hoodie (especially as the print is white on creme), but I do love the image, and I think its about time I got a Threadless hoodie, even though nothing about it is going to surprise me; the stock hoodie is American Apparel, and I’m already well aware of their print quality. The checkout process took a really long time, which is a bit annoying, but hey, I can hardly complain when my order was covered by street team points, thanks a lot guys!

I’ve also noticed that my order number is around 930,000 I wonder if they’re going to celebrate their millionth order is some way?

So, what did you pick up?


Gone to Newcastle, back soon

by Andy on August 29, 2007

And when I say back soon, I mean tomorrow. I’m driving my grandparents home (two and a half hours away, how nice am I?) and at the same time I’m going to be taking in the not so glamourous fixture of Newcastle vs Barnsley in the second round of the Carling Cup, still, football is football and I’ll finally get to watch Michael Owen playing for Newcastle rather than England.

Anyway, I don’t know if it is all that necessary for me to explain why I’m not posting today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more top notch finds!


The Brick Breaker by LRG @ Karmaloop

by Andy on August 28, 2007


I like the bricks in this design because they kind of remind me of Tetris, and even though its pretty simple I think that the colours work well. Whilst it isn’t exactly an OMG!1! amazing hoodie, it does have a certain understated quality, especially with the subtle accents like the yellow piping around the hood, and the green hood lining pulling the whole piece together. Not sure if I’m too fond of the LRG logo on the back though…


Costiness=$78 URL


A is for Ox by Guerilla Pimp Well Made

by Andy on August 28, 2007


If you get the point of this sweater before you read the blurb then congratulations to you, you are far smarter than I am.

“Back in the day the letter A began as a pictogram illustrating the head and horns of an Ox.

The Phoenicians wrote right to left writing the A sideways as it was quicker. The Greeks generally wrote left to right, so turned the A around.There was a point way back when a system was used called ‘Boustrophedon’ which translates ‘as the Ox ploughs’ so first A went left to right, second A right to left, and so on.

Around 500 BC writing became standardized and letters stopped changing direction. The Ox finally settled on its horns.”

Pretty darned clever design, right guys?

Costiness=£40 URL


Cotton Filter: 280807

by Andy on August 28, 2007

Gangsta Girl 1 (Custom).jpg

Been a while since we’ve had one of these!

Coin Studio – HK based label with some really interesting designs.

Old Baby Doll – A streetwear label that is just for women, the pic above is from their range.

Yes No Maybe – I think there should be a review of these guys coming up soon, but you’ll porbably still enjoy checking them out.

Joystick Junkies @ Urban Retro – Hurrah for gamer tees that aren’t lame! (Use the coupon code UR20 for 20% off your order up until August 31st)

Endangered Wear – Well designed tees that help you support charities at the same time.

Concrete Hermit – They’ve got 4 new tee designs available, 3 by external artists and one in-house pattern print of their logo that looks awesome, finally, a logo tee that doesn’t make me feel like a billboard!

Lady Estelle – A confusing e-mail alerted me to this Belgium shirt brand, I can’t quite work out if you can buy tees off their site (i.e. I didn’t look very hard), but the site sure is pretty looking.

Chor Bazaar – Indie-Indian shirt label out of Brooklyn, with designs that don’t rely upon traditional Asian stereotypes.



Now THAT is how you kick off a design competition!

1) Get lots of artists 2) Ask them to each draw a robot 3) Put them all together 4) Use metallic ink accents 5) Get more comments on your submission with the word ‘awesome’ in it than any other design 6) Win $5000.

I think its pretty funny that blogs (mostly me) have been making a big deal out of DBHs reward policy (i.e. big bucks) and then they end up giving it to a collaboration of 25 different artists (although Legion of Doom is actually just 2 people). Not that the money is all that important really, yes, it is an initial hook, but quality designs are going to be the true test of whether DBH can make it, and this truly is a quality design.

There’s also an interview with the Legion of Doom is you feel like a read.

Costiness=$19 URL


Yup, $10 sale time

by Andy on August 27, 2007

I guess the sale came a lot sooner than I expected, since the sale is now upon us.

You know the deal, $10 tees (markdowns on other products), long waits for your tees to arrive, and everything selling out fast.

So if you want it, get on it.



I really do write about this thing way more than it deserves, especially as I’ll probably never be a visitor/patron of the store. Still, the latest updates does include a few interesting tidbits:

“There will only be 20 designs for sale in the store at any given moment. Each of the 20 designs gets its own special area complete with an LCD display cycling through various photos and close-ups of the design, comments from the original submission and other rad stuff. The designs for sale will change weekly, as will the store window.”

“The kicker is that – at the store – we will be launching the new tees the Friday before they get released on the website. While you won’t have access to our entire catalog from the store, you will have a head-start on what comes out on the website.”

They also say that they do plan to open more stores, in what they describe as artsy communities (San Fran, Austin, Boston [artsy?], Seattle etc.), which is cool, but seems to be reliant on how well the Chicago store goes, so I would describe it as a plan in a pretty loose sense.

Also, its pretty much 100% confirmed by Jake Nickell that there is going to be a $10 sale coming up very soon (so you might want to hold off on an order), my guess is that the theme this time will be for ‘back-to-school’ or simply as a celebration of the store opening.

Check out the whole blog post (and inevitable outpourings of Thread-love in comments) here.


Ten Bills? Not even close!

by Andy on August 27, 2007


Presumably in a move to shift older stock, Ten Bills are offering some of their tees at the astoundingly low price of $5 a piece, which is so low that it actually tempts me to actually pay for a tee (me? paying? unbelievable!).

they’ve also got in some cool logo shaped keychains that are packed free with your order when you spend $30+, which means you have to buy 6 discounted tees to qualify for the freebie, crazy!

Ten Bills



This tee is good enough, for me, its, good enough, for you, its gooooood enough, for youuuuu…

I had to do it, I just had to, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, that’s fair enough, because this tee follows Kindred grand tradition of making tees based upon really oblique movie references (The Goonies in this case). Its certainly a more novel way of going about making movie tees than just slapping a logo over the chest, and I would be willing to bet that it would get you a lot more respect from people in the street if they got the reference, and we’re all aware that knowing nods from strangers are amongst the best kinds of respect.


Its odd to see such an intricate design not placed in the middle of the shirt, its almost as if they’re trying to not draw attention to it, which is strange because it truly is quite an exquisite illustration. Rube Goldberg machines fascinate me, as I’m sure they do pretty much everyone else, there’s just something about the amount of time, effort, thought and imagination that goes into creating them that sucks me in, and whenever I’m watching videos of them, you’re constantly expecting something to go wrong, because the movements seem to be so on the edge, and yet they always work out fine, with seemingly effortless elegance. This design doesn’t quite capture that elegance, but it does have enough elements to be the makings of one hell of a Rube Goldberg machine!


I’m pretty sure that the stock tee is a standard American Apparel tee, except with a rather nifty looking custom Kindred tag sewn into the neckline, so you know about the quality level you’re getting in that regard (…good). Print quality feels impressive too, and the colouring really captures the subtlety of the pencil hand drawn style as well.

Costiness=$24.95 URL

Lots of expandable thumbnails of this tee so I’ve placed them behind a cut to keep things a bit tidier:
[click to continue…]


Bountee knock 50% off!

by Andy on August 24, 2007

So, I got an e-mail from Bountee (who also rock a * in their name) yesterday that said something along the lines of “you might be interested in this” and then there was a link to their blog. Cool, I thought, they’ve started a blog, I like seeing an insiders perspective on running a t-shirt company, but rather crucially I didn’t look at the blog, I can’t remember why, it might have been because I had to go and pick up my grandparents from the train station.

Anyway, if I had looked at their blog, I would have realised what they meant, a 50% off sale across the site! Luckily for us though, the sale has been extended through until Monday.

Just enter the code ‘bonitas‘ into the gift code box when you are at the checkout to receive the discount.


Design By Humans kicked off their design competition in style with an opening prize of $5000. The winning tee from that particular competition is going to be announced on Monday (August 27th). Expect to see me post about it as soon as I see it. I know its not the biggest news ever, but this does mean that DBH are going to be starting their programme of daily competition winners (each of which get a $750 prize), which is pretty exciting stuff I’m sure you’ll agree!


Hoodie by 667 @ A Better Tomorrow

by Andy on August 24, 2007


ABTs ‘Cheap Friday’ is a really cool promotion, every Thursday night I get an e-mail alerting me to what product from their inventory will be cheap on Friday, I guess they send out the e-mails on a Thursday because it means the recipient will find the price of the item to be… better tomorrow. Marketing geniuses!

This hoodie is pretty cool though, there’s no graphic, but it doesn’t need one, the devil is in the details in this case. There’s the thumb holes in the wrist cuffs, the unusual pattern stitching around the kangaroo (marsupial?) pocket, the slightly raised edges of the hood (better in winter I would bet) and the way that the whole thing is pattern lined (you’re probably going to need to click through to really appreciate it). I Probably wouldn’t want to wear the reverse as a hoodie, but I think that seeing smatterings of it on the gray side of the hoodie really brings a little spice to the mix.

Costiness=€39 URL


Sham Band by Oddica

by Andy on August 23, 2007

Two, Oddica posts in a week? Yeah, but its hardly my fault since they release such great designs so consistently. Yeah, its a weird design, but, Oddica is the land of Odd, remember?

Costiness=$40 URL


Auto Engine Diagram by Slow Shirts

by Andy on August 23, 2007


I really dig technical diagram tees like this, and I like the way that Slow Shirts have managed to make it look a lot more human than most technical drawings by using a hand drawn technique. I’m not going to claim that I understand the inner workings of a car engine, but I would presume that everything is labeled as it should be, which makes it all the cooler.

Click through to get some more detailed images.

Costiness=$24 URL


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