Bountee knock 50% off!

by Andy on August 24, 2007

So, I got an e-mail from Bountee (who also rock a * in their name) yesterday that said something along the lines of “you might be interested in this” and then there was a link to their blog. Cool, I thought, they’ve started a blog, I like seeing an insiders perspective on running a t-shirt company, but rather crucially I didn’t look at the blog, I can’t remember why, it might have been because I had to go and pick up my grandparents from the train station.

Anyway, if I had looked at their blog, I would have realised what they meant, a 50% off sale across the site! Luckily for us though, the sale has been extended through until Monday.

Just enter the code ‘bonitas‘ into the gift code box when you are at the checkout to receive the discount.

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