Review: ‘Goldberg on the High Sea’ by Kindred

by Andy on August 25, 2007


This tee is good enough, for me, its, good enough, for you, its gooooood enough, for youuuuu…

I had to do it, I just had to, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, that’s fair enough, because this tee follows Kindred grand tradition of making tees based upon really oblique movie references (The Goonies in this case). Its certainly a more novel way of going about making movie tees than just slapping a logo over the chest, and I would be willing to bet that it would get you a lot more respect from people in the street if they got the reference, and we’re all aware that knowing nods from strangers are amongst the best kinds of respect.


Its odd to see such an intricate design not placed in the middle of the shirt, its almost as if they’re trying to not draw attention to it, which is strange because it truly is quite an exquisite illustration. Rube Goldberg machines fascinate me, as I’m sure they do pretty much everyone else, there’s just something about the amount of time, effort, thought and imagination that goes into creating them that sucks me in, and whenever I’m watching videos of them, you’re constantly expecting something to go wrong, because the movements seem to be so on the edge, and yet they always work out fine, with seemingly effortless elegance. This design doesn’t quite capture that elegance, but it does have enough elements to be the makings of one hell of a Rube Goldberg machine!


I’m pretty sure that the stock tee is a standard American Apparel tee, except with a rather nifty looking custom Kindred tag sewn into the neckline, so you know about the quality level you’re getting in that regard (…good). Print quality feels impressive too, and the colouring really captures the subtlety of the pencil hand drawn style as well.

Costiness=$24.95 URL

Lots of expandable thumbnails of this tee so I’ve placed them behind a cut to keep things a bit tidier:

410.jpg 510.jpg 610.jpg 74.jpg 82.jpg 91.jpg 101.jpg

  • Kevin

    Seems to me that it needs to be a little bit bigger, because you’re right, it’s like it’s trying to not draw attention to it. I love the design though, and the placement nonetheless.

  • CottonGang1

    the drawing looks awesome but I don’t know how it is translating to the fabric. It has been my experience that integrate hand down things need really great printing or it just doesn’t play right.

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