Another Threadless Store Update + $10 sale coming soon

by Andy on August 27, 2007

I really do write about this thing way more than it deserves, especially as I’ll probably never be a visitor/patron of the store. Still, the latest updates does include a few interesting tidbits:

“There will only be 20 designs for sale in the store at any given moment. Each of the 20 designs gets its own special area complete with an LCD display cycling through various photos and close-ups of the design, comments from the original submission and other rad stuff. The designs for sale will change weekly, as will the store window.”

“The kicker is that – at the store – we will be launching the new tees the Friday before they get released on the website. While you won’t have access to our entire catalog from the store, you will have a head-start on what comes out on the website.”

They also say that they do plan to open more stores, in what they describe as artsy communities (San Fran, Austin, Boston [artsy?], Seattle etc.), which is cool, but seems to be reliant on how well the Chicago store goes, so I would describe it as a plan in a pretty loose sense.

Also, its pretty much 100% confirmed by Jake Nickell that there is going to be a $10 sale coming up very soon (so you might want to hold off on an order), my guess is that the theme this time will be for ‘back-to-school’ or simply as a celebration of the store opening.

Check out the whole blog post (and inevitable outpourings of Thread-love in comments) here.

  • Kevin

    When they open up in San Francisco, it will be my second home. I hope it’s soon!

  • Evis


  • Demetri


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