‘Robot Attack’ by Legion of Doom @ Design By Humans

by Andy on August 27, 2007


Now THAT is how you kick off a design competition!

1) Get lots of artists 2) Ask them to each draw a robot 3) Put them all together 4) Use metallic ink accents 5) Get more comments on your submission with the word ‘awesome’ in it than any other design 6) Win $5000.

I think its pretty funny that blogs (mostly me) have been making a big deal out of DBHs reward policy (i.e. big bucks) and then they end up giving it to a collaboration of 25 different artists (although Legion of Doom is actually just 2 people). Not that the money is all that important really, yes, it is an initial hook, but quality designs are going to be the true test of whether DBH can make it, and this truly is a quality design.

There’s also an interview with the Legion of Doom is you feel like a read.

Costiness=$19 URL

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