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by Andy on August 28, 2007


If you get the point of this sweater before you read the blurb then congratulations to you, you are far smarter than I am.

“Back in the day the letter A began as a pictogram illustrating the head and horns of an Ox.

The Phoenicians wrote right to left writing the A sideways as it was quicker. The Greeks generally wrote left to right, so turned the A around.There was a point way back when a system was used called ‘Boustrophedon’ which translates ‘as the Ox ploughs’ so first A went left to right, second A right to left, and so on.

Around 500 BC writing became standardized and letters stopped changing direction. The Ox finally settled on its horns.”

Pretty darned clever design, right guys?

Costiness=£40 URL

  • Richard

    I did I did!

  • Richard

    I did I did!

  • Kevin

    Maybe some sort of native-American character for the sound “A” was made to look like an ox head or something, sounds like something they’d do.

  • http://blog.fantasticbonanza.com Joe

    This would be a good t-shirt for somebody who likes linguistics. Also, I think the earliest known pictogram of an ox head was in Sumerian cuneiform. I believe Native American pictograms are pretty different. Either way, this is certainly a reference to Sumerian cuneiform.

  • Darren

    Jumper is good! but whilst the sun shines I think I may opt for an A for Ox tee

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