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by Andy on August 28, 2007

Gangsta Girl 1 (Custom).jpg

Been a while since we’ve had one of these!

Coin Studio – HK based label with some really interesting designs.

Old Baby Doll – A streetwear label that is just for women, the pic above is from their range.

Yes No Maybe – I think there should be a review of these guys coming up soon, but you’ll porbably still enjoy checking them out.

Joystick Junkies @ Urban Retro – Hurrah for gamer tees that aren’t lame! (Use the coupon code UR20 for 20% off your order up until August 31st)

Endangered Wear – Well designed tees that help you support charities at the same time.

Concrete Hermit – They’ve got 4 new tee designs available, 3 by external artists and one in-house pattern print of their logo that looks awesome, finally, a logo tee that doesn’t make me feel like a billboard!

Lady Estelle – A confusing e-mail alerted me to this Belgium shirt brand, I can’t quite work out if you can buy tees off their site (i.e. I didn’t look very hard), but the site sure is pretty looking.

Chor Bazaar – Indie-Indian shirt label out of Brooklyn, with designs that don’t rely upon traditional Asian stereotypes.

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