‘Starchild’ at SaltWaterMonkey

by Andy on August 30, 2007


SaltWaterMonkey were a brand that I was hoping to mention before I went to Amsterdam, since they’re a Dutch label and I thought it would have been a convenient tie-in, but I guess it doesn’t matter when these brands get shown off as long as they get the attention they deserve eventually.

With a few of their designs, I would have the criticism that the prints are a bit on the small side compared to the tees, but this ‘Starchild’ tee doesn’t suffer from that problem. Using a single colour for the print works really well and sets the mood of the piece, and what a beautiful piece it is, I wouldn’t know whether to wear it or frame it if it were to find its way to HYA HQ (coughcough)!

Luckily for us, like everyone I met in Amsterdam, these guys do sprekt der engels (that could be some waaaay wrong Dutch), and have an English site to compliment their Dutch one.

Costiness=€25 Mens Womens

  • http://www.shirtlog.com Sjors

    Yay Hooray for the Dutch :) Salt Water Monkeys are nice guys indeed.

    do speak English would be “spreken engels” in Dutch, so almost right ;)

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