Threadless Sale: What did you get?

by Andy on August 30, 2007


Well, I just put my order in, a ‘Communist Party‘ tee for my brother, and a ‘My Pet Humanhoodie for me. I don’t really know how well ‘My Pet Human’ will work as a hoodie (especially as the print is white on creme), but I do love the image, and I think its about time I got a Threadless hoodie, even though nothing about it is going to surprise me; the stock hoodie is American Apparel, and I’m already well aware of their print quality. The checkout process took a really long time, which is a bit annoying, but hey, I can hardly complain when my order was covered by street team points, thanks a lot guys!

I’ve also noticed that my order number is around 930,000 I wonder if they’re going to celebrate their millionth order is some way?

So, what did you pick up?

  • adam

    Its been a lovely week for street team points, you have to love the sale times :)

  • adam

    Oh and I got 4 girlies for the gf and 2 mens for me, I have 2 many Threadless shirts already, but I finally bit the bullet and bought Communist Party.

  • Pedro


    I got Permafrost Pollution ( and Funkalicious (

    I’m still facing a dilemma with Communist Party.

  • Joe

    I got nothing :P

    Seeing as how they kind of didn’t notice their millionth shirt sold until after the fact, I’m guessing they will do something for the millionth order.

  • Rangga

    I got nothing, I really have no idea what to buy. To many T-shirts there especially with the new catalog style (well, maybe I’m not good at facing to many options).

    But most importantly, no street team point to spend. hehe

  • Nick

    use this link for Threadless and make me some points. Please! Thank you kindly

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