Brooklyn Industries: Labor (sic) Day Weekend

by Andy on August 31, 2007

Usually I never write Americanised spellings of words because I believe that its a bastardisation of English, a language that’s a bit of a mongrel to begin with; but since Labor Day is an American thing anyway, I’m going to let it slide just this once.

Yeah, BI are rocking a decent sized sale for the next five days (up until Tuesday Sept. 4th) with quite a few items enjoying 50% off their original prices.

Brooklyn Industries Sale

  • Claude

    Anyone notice how much they charge for their only overseas shipping method? Unbelievable. I wanted to order 2 tees and they charge 54$. Kind of a showstopper really.

  • Andy

    Yeah, it is crazy, I was going to buy a laptop sleeve from there and I think the shipping was more than $30, I didn’t buy it…

    I guess there’s some kind of problem in their ordering software.

  • Jon

    Canada has it, too. But we spell it correctly.

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