ThinkGeek ‘meh.’ t-shirt on The IT Crowd

by Andy on September 10, 2007

make  in the IT crowd.jpg

Does anyone watch The IT Crowd? The second series has been going for a few weeks here in the UK, and I really enjoy all the little geek in-jokes and spotting things that they’ve dotted about the set, and apparently so do the people of Make, especially so since they spotted themselves (I also swiped the above picture from them, because I couldn’t think of another way to make my own picture of the show). I’ve noticed that in a lot of the episodes Roy wears tees that I recognise, and with a little bit of investigation I can usually find them online, so why not give them a mention here?

Roy’s tee this week isn’t exactly a work of design genius, but I’m sure that there’s some people out there that’ll get a kick out of it. It seems to be available all over the place, but ThinkGeek feels like its the spiritual home of this tee.

Costiness=$14.99 URL

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