Logo Pattern by Concrete Hermit

by Andy on September 11, 2007


I already mentioned it, but I thought it deserved a closer look. Concrete Hermit have done something impressive here, they’ve managed to create a logo tee that wouldn’t make me feel like a walking billboard. Yesterday while I was waiting for my car to be serviced I spent a while looking in some clothes shops, and I noticed with almost every mainstream brand that they seem to be addicted to putting their logo and/or name onto every garment, whether it fit or not, and that made me not want to buy any of it, I know some people are into displaying labels, but I think its a pretty cheap ploy on the part of the manufacturers and shows a lack of respect to the customer.

CH on the other hand had made a tee that has their logo all over the front, and yet I like it, why? Because it works,it doesn’t feel like a logo shirt, it feels like a pattern tee with a colour palette that had some thought go into it rather than just being thrown together, and random people aren’t going to know that you’re wearing a CH tee unless they already know about CH. And yes, I realise that if Concrete Hermit were a massive brand I’d probably look at this tee and go “OMG, I can’t believe they just plastered their logo all over a tee! The losers!”

Costiness=£20 URL

If you’re after more updates about their soon-to-be-opened store in London then check out their MySpace.

  • Kevin

    For some reason, the model just makes me want to buy the shirt. I LOVE this guy, he just makes shirts look awesome.

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