Roy’s tees from The IT Crowd S2E2

by Andy on September 12, 2007


(sorry about the quality of the screengrab, I had to take it from YouTube)

I know that traditionally people move forward when it comes to t-shirts, but since I’d already found the tee from episode 3 of the second series I thought I might try my luck at finding some others from the increasingly popular sitcom. Roy spent quite a lot of his time in this episode (titled “Return of The Golden Child”) wearing a suit, but he also found time to wear a couple of tees.


This was the first t-shirt he wore, it’s not exactly a great tee, and the reference is far too old for my liking, but hey, each to their own. As you can imagine, it’s called “I see dumb people” and is available from ThinkGeek for $14.99 but if you search for the name then you’ll find many other versions of it.


I recognised the Futurism tee by Insanely Great Tees as soon as it popped on screen, although the print does look disappointingly small compared to how it looks in the product photos. The tee costs $17

Just in case anyone fancies watching the episode, I’ve embedded it after the break, although it is on YouTube, so expect it to disappear pretty rapidly.

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