Cotton Gang bands together to help others

by Andy on September 14, 2007


Maybe I should just accept that I’ve lost my titling mojo for good and stick to the informative style?

Cotton gang are running a pretty interesting concept for their line of tees, I’ll let their blurb explain it far more succinctly than I possibly could.

The aim of this new venture is to continue producing art and getting a chance
to work with some of our favorite artists. The concept is simple; we pick an
artist every season and give them a blank Canvas on three shirts. Then we create
three shirts of our own, which the artist collaborates on. The result is a
totally original line every season.

The second part of this venture is to create income for the artist, so that
they may continue creating art. So large portions of the sale are given directly
to the artist. This is coupled with our sponsorship of a charity a season, in
which we donate two dollars from every sale to that specific charity. This
months charity is Kristi House ( which is a place where sexually
abused children in Miami can get therapy.

Collaborations are big right now, I’ve just got done reading Jeremyville’s Sessions book (available in his online shop), and that’s taught me a lot about the value of collaboration in art, and I think this is a pretty interesting way of creating a line of tees. And of course, giving $2 dollars from each sale to charity if a really great move.

Their collection of shirts is a little bit bare at the moment, hopefully it will expand in the coming months, but there are some great designs in there, like the one I’ve pointed out in the above picture.

Cotton Gang

  • Kevin

    “Cotton Gang(s up) to help others”

  • Andy

    …. I’m still not changing it…

  • Kevin

    I win.

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