The IT Crowd S2E4: Jolly Roger by Insanely Great Tees

by Andy on September 17, 2007


Hmmmm, I think that the producers of the show might have got a few tees from IGT since they’ve already featured one of their tees on the show in episode 2 of this series, so maybe we’ll be seeing more of them in the next few episodes.

I actually watched this episode with my camera by my side since I knew I’d end up writing a post about it and didn’t want to get screengrabs from Youtube again (even on a friday night I can’t get HYA* off my brain!). As soon as I saw the pixelated pirate flag I thought it might be from Diesel Sweeties, but a little digging around found me at Insanely Great Tees Jolly Roger tee.


There was another tee during the credit sequence at the end of the show, but I couldn’t really make out the design on it due its faintness and my lack of a HD TV. Playing around with the levels in Photoshop it would appear that there’s some wing on the tee, perhaps its a bat? If anyone has any idea where this tee might be from then feel free to drop in a comment.

Costiness=$17 URL

  • rstevens

    So close, yet so far! Someone wrote me and said my Buccaneer-Americans shirt was on the show, kind of deflating to see it wasn’t. (but IT Crowd’s still my favorite)

  • Andy

    Sorry rstevens, DS designs do kind of fit with their style so you might see yourself at some point.

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