10 Great Tees from 10 Great Webcomics

by Andy on September 20, 2007


[I would like to think that if I’d actually tried hard to make a comic it wouldn’t have looked as lame]

Y’know who’s pretty good at designing tees that are actually funny. Webcomic writers. It shouldn’t be surprising, and yet, here I am, a bit surprised. Crafting a tee that’s funny is a pretty tough business, there’s lots of ‘funny’ tees out there that simply don’t cut the mustard (what on earth does ‘cut the mustard’ even mean? Oh), so it makes perfect sense that sense that in my quest to find tees that both looked good and made me laugh I would hunt out people that draw and write things with the intention of making people laugh for a living. But I think that sells these writers short a bit too, since I’m also going to show you some designs that are plain old good, without the funny.

Since I don’t actually read all that many webcomics, I’ve used Cracked.com‘s list of ‘The 8 Funniest Webcomics,’ and whilst I doubt that it’s all that conclusive and accurate of a list, they seemed pretty good to me, I’ve also picked some tees from my favourite webcomics. If you have any favourites that you think I’ve missed, feel free to leave a comment.

1. Penny Arcade – See, webcomic tees aren’t all about in-jokes! $17.99 Link


2. Dinosaur Comics – Who would’ve thought that a webcomic that uses about 5 different images for all of its’ stories wouldn’t have beautifully illustrated tees? $21 Link


3. Cat and Girl – Apparently this tee says “Chinese is not my native language,” but the description adds the caveat “more or less,” I might be paranoid, but I’d get that checked independently before wearing this… $19 Link


4. Overcompensating – One of my favourite items to read on a weekday (I started out with Jeffrey’s other comic, Wigu, but moved over to this), and one of my favourite tees from a webcomic. $18.99 Link


5. Achewood – I’ve only just started reading Achewood, so I have no idea what this tee means, and part of me knows that if I ever find out then I’ll no longer find it funny. $18 Link


6. White Ninja Comics – The internet clearly has some sort of obsession with ninja’s and I’m not going to stand in the way of that spilling over into the world of t-shirts. $18.50 Link


7. Diesel Sweeties – It’s so hard to choose from their range, they’ve got so many great designs, but I really like the idea of a tee that only shows a message when it’s night time (it’s just a white heart during the daytime). $18 Link


8. XKCD – I would like to shake the hand of a person that wore this to church. $14.99 Link


9. A Softer World – Zombies are far more likely to attack at night, since that’s scarier, so it’s a good thing this tee glows in the dark. $20 Link


10. The Perry Bible Fellowship – If you’re a guy, you’re far braver than me if you’re wearing a pink tee with a rainbow and a unicorn on it, or maybe I live in an intolerant rural area, who knows? $20 Link


  • http://robotskirts.com/ Eliot

    I’m waiting for this gem from Goats http://goats.com/store/squid.html

    I think they pride themselves on how little their shirts have to do with their strips.

  • http://www.seibei.com David

    The Achewood tee is a reference to, I think, the very first strip. It’s definitely one of the early ones.

    Also, very glad to see the PBF Unicorn Power tee; I keep meaning to buy it. It’s probably one of my Top Five Tees I Wish I’d Come Up With First.

  • http://compete-tee-tion.blogspot.com MJ

    Good choices! I hadn’t seen Unicorn Power previously, I might have to pick that one up. Here are some of my favorite webcomic shirt stores:


    A lot of the good ones get printed by Brunetto T-Shirts, so you can always find cool stuff by browsing through their site: http://www.brunettotshirts.com/

  • http://blog.fantasticbonanza.com Greg

    Sam and Fuzzy is a great webcomic with some great tees. I like this one especially: http://samandfuzzy.com/shop/shopobtuse.php

  • sylvia

    haha. the second tee in chinese does actually say ‘chinese is not my mother tongue’, so you’re safe :D

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Thanks Sylvia, I had wondered about that!

  • http://www.goingpostalt-shirts.com David

    You might find some more at the URL above.


  • http://magicbox.exofire.net/ mhrlive

    WOoW !

  • Alletron

    You should check out http://www.questionablecontent.net. Jeph has some really great tshirts. Same with John Allison over at http://www.scarygoround.com.

  • http://momworksathome.blogspot.com Working at Home Mom

    I just found out what I am getting my daughter for her birthday! A bunch of cool t-shirts.

  • LUKE



  • R

    hahaha love the last one.
    kudos to anyone who knows where that’s from.

  • http://www.s4dress.com gal

    s4dress.com has many cheap T-shirts on sale.

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  • patricia

    cool stuff.

    I found a nice comic blog recently. You might like it:

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