Beautiful/Decay Redesign

by Andy on September 24, 2007


Beautiful/Decay have redesigned their site, it looks good, although not really in the style that I would expect from them.

One cool little feature that they’ve introduced is the ‘public feed’, that’s the box on the left there, where you can post your own topics/links and they get displayed on the front page. That sounds like it might become like a bit of a mouthpiece for press releases, though I’d presume that B/D would keep a pretty close eye on it to ensure things don’t get too spammy.

Oh, and $20 for a US subscription, bargain! Although the $70 Worldwide option isn’t quite as appealing, but I guess that posting a magazine ain’t cheap.

If you would like to read about all the cool new stuff that they’ve done just click through to read the press release.

Beautiful Decay

September 20, 2007–(Los Angeles, CA) Beautiful/Decay is proud to
announce a completely revitalized and re-designed website
( Positioned to become an unsurpassed art and
design web portal, the new site is the perfect resource for anyone
who wants to be in the know about all things creative.

Visitors will now have greater interactivity with the site: they can
post their own events in our Event Section to promote their creative
happenings—whether it be gallery openings, concerts, lectures,
symposiums, fashion shows, and so on. B/D Feed, our creative daily
blog where readers can stay current with the latest art shows, up-and-
coming artists and design work, has also been enlarged to include
richer, higher resolution images. Of course, Beautiful/Decay
continues to provide the popular Public Feed, a forum in which
readers can post their own content.

Anthology, the monthly online counterpart to our print magazine, will
also be revamped. Though Anthology will continue to provide exclusive
content such as artist interviews, record reviews and design spreads,
it will also showcase new features, such as music downloads and video/
media reviews.

Finally, the site will provide enriched practical resources for its
readers. Beautiful/Decay is excited to present an extensive Gallery
Guide, which offers a wide listing of only the best galleries and art
spaces from around the world. Our reorganized and carefully curated
link section also offers additional links to some of the finest art,
design, fashion and illustration sites from around the web.

Our in house designer, Colin Graham, notes, “Incorporating all of the
diverse content from the old site into a fresh format that is both
functional and aesthetically pleasing was challenging- but we’re
incredibly pleased with the result and think readers will be too.”

Beautiful/Decay is founded on the theory, “if you can’t find it, make
it.” Beautiful/Decay’s format is revolutionary in that it documents
the convergence of fine art, graffiti, design, fashion, music and
other relevant forms of art. Beautiful/Decay prides itself in
exposing the magazine’s diverse readership to mediums, ideas and
creative expressions that are not juxtaposed in any other independent

Over the last decade, Beautiful/Decay has garnered a reputation for
breaking never-before-seen artists, covering fine art with a youthful
and informed point of view and being “THE” go-to handbook for
Creative Directors, curators, collectors, artists, designers and

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