Public domain gets some exposure… in public

by Andy on September 25, 2007


I knew it! I knew I’d be able to cram Halo 3 into my posts this week!

HYA’s copy of H3 is on pre-order so I guess it won’t be turning up tomorrow on the European release date, so we’ll have to wait a while before you all kick my ass on multiplayer, but thanks to Toby at Public Domain I can capitalise on the Halo mania and show you pictures of quite possibly the whitest teeth in Hollywood. Seriously, Zac Efron must spend more time in front of the mirror than… a mirror salesman, who buys his suits at the toilet store.

Anyway, Zac Efron was spotted at a Halo 3 launch event wearing a tee by Public Domain that still isn’t available on their site, but I thought it was worth a mention since I reviewed the tee a few months ago. Fans of PDC should keep their eyes out for their designs in the massively-hyped Chuck on NBC.

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