The IT Crowd S2E5: Roy wears 7 tees!

by Andy on September 25, 2007

Damn you IT Crowd! Hunting down tees was easy when he was only wearing one or two a week, but then they had to go and through me a curve ball (although, they are in the IT department, so the throw might not have reached) and make Roy wear 7 tees. One of them was totally covered by a track jacket so I’m not attempting to find it or even putting up a picture here, because that would just be silly.


1. A fairly appropriate design considering had just come back from a stag weekend and by the looks of it was fairly hungover. Available from J!NX from $14.95 URL


2. My prediction last week was spot on, and Insanely Great Tees popped up again with another Mac-referencing tee. $17 URL


3.Roy also appeared wearing a 2nd shirt from Bestario, a Spreadshirt shop of human animal hybrids. I can’t actually see the colourway on their site, but there is a grey version available. The Spreadblog has coverage of Bestario’s first outing on the premiere episode of this season. €25 URL


4. I’ve got no idea where this tee comes from, which is a pity because the camera design actually looks pretty cool. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts where it might be from, or even what kind of camera it might be since it looks fairly unusual in shape and maybe knowing the model would lead to the tee. No Star have a tee with a camera on it that looks nothing like the one above, but it’s a pretty nice design.


5. No idea where this one comes from either I’m afraid. It appears to be a dark blue or maybe black tee with a rounded orange television set on it, the kind with two antennae sticking out the top. Any ideas? Comment away.


6. This tee is all about the Aqua Teen Hunger Force promo campaign that got the wrong kind of reaction in Boston, a reaction of “OMG its bomb!” not, “oh look, a circuit board with some LEDs on it that look like a character from a cartoon show flipping the bird.” Disappointingly, I can’t find this exact shirt, I can find loads of other that have the same image, but none in that exact colourway and with just ‘Never Forget’ written underneath as most have the date instead, or the date above the image. So here’s a few different tee’s that are pretty similar to the one Roy’s wearing, feel free to add any you know in the comments: Threadpit, Raplica, Lucky Threadz.

PICT6478 copy.jpg

There’s a surprisingly large amount of artwork on the walls of the IT Department at Renham Industries (its not all EFF material), and I noticed that one of the pieces was Bunnies Fall by Kozyndan, which is available as a poster for the very reasonable sum of $15, here.

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