Design By Humans looks shiny like a robot

by Andy on September 26, 2007


Design By Humans got a new look recently and I think it’s an improvement on the old look, I haven’t had a proper poke around yet but on the face of it everything seems to make a lot more sense. Everything is laid out simply and you can get to where you want to be within one-click, and you know exactly what is going on with DBH from that one page, which is good for a company wanting to grow. I know the old site wasn’t exactly confusing, but this new version looks extremely fresh, and its clear that a lot of thought has gone into the layout. I like how they’ve made the t-shirt of the day the main focus when you load the front-page, with the older tees lined up below. It’s also cool how they tell you what special printing options there are on the tee in its blurb (like embroidery or the kind of ink used).

The page is finish off with three columns at the bottom. From left to right; there’s a pane that explains their design competition, a pane of top 5 selling tees (unsurprisingly Robot Attack! heads that list), and a top 5 of popular submissions. Whilst that last pane does show off the design talents of the DBH submission community, I do think that design competitions like this should be totally democratic, and putting 5 submissions on the front page seems to give them an advantage over others, I guess they’ve got to be good designs to get on there in the first place, but something seems a little off about it.

All in all, I give it a thumbs up.

Design By Humans [via Fantastic Blognanza]

  • Joe

    Maybe that’s their secret… DBH is actually a robot (or more than one robot). And they’re harvesting human design power, sort of like in The Matrix.

  • Timmy

    Could be true!

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