Improvising Electronic Devices is Not a Crime

by Andy on September 27, 2007


Picture credit, P. Torrone.

When I first heard about this story, I just thought it was the mooninites all over again, a big over-reaction by the authorities, but now that I’ve seen the hoodie that Star Simpson was wearing I can understand how someone could have acted upon instinct when they saw a circuit board and wires on a piece of clothing. I still think it was an over-reaction, fair enough they should have questioned her about it, but it seems to have all been blown way out of proportion, can’t we just accept that sometimes people in college do regrettable things even if they go to MIT, a college of geniuses (or is that genii? what an embarassing thing to need to ask).

But hey, if you wanted to here me ramble about this kind of thing you’d buy me a drink on a Saturday night and ask me whats griding my gears this week, you’re here for the relevant t-shirt!

Someone over at the Instructables forums (Star is a member) has put together a design that available on Spreadshirt US, and $5 of the proceeds will go towards helping Star’s legal costs. It’s actually a prettyy good design, usually these things can look a bit lame, but I;m impressed with this. I wonder long it will be until one of the Instructables members replaces the printed LEDs with actual LEDs?

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