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October 2007

Mimoco Apparel x HYA* Illustration Contest

by Andy on October 31, 2007


I’m excited to announce that HYA* is teaming up with mimoco, the guys that make those awesome designer USB Flash Drives, for an illustration contest.

There are three tees from mimoco’s new apparel line up for grabs and all you have to do to win is create an illustration with a mimobot in it. Yeah, it’s that simple. Let your imagination go wild, draw anything you want in any style you want, just make sure it involves a mimobot in some way. You can feel free to incorporate Hide Your Arms into the illustration too, but that isn’t a submission requirement.


If you’re in need of some materials to help you with your illustration then the following links will be of help to you: Mimobot’s on MySpace and Mimobot’s on Virb.

Please send your submissions, preferably in a .jpg format and under 1MB in file size, along with your t-shirt size and mailing address to the following e-mail address: competitions [at] hideyourarms [dot] com or, in case that e-mail doesn’t work for some reason info [at] hideyourarms [dot] com

Submissions will be accepted until November 21th at midnight (GMT) and will announce the winners a few days later after Mimoco and myself have judged the entrants. Multiple entries are accepted, but please don’t send lots of versions of the same image unless you’ve really made some awesome changes.

Good luck!



Enclothe, the purveyor of esoteric clothing, is going to be releasing a couple of new hoodies soon (Falconeer, pictured, and Horsebot), and they’re available on pre-order now until November 9th. The pre-order price is $40, which will go up to $45 at the end of the pre-order period, and if you order now then you’re eligible for a free sticker pack.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can get a further $5 off that price by using the coupon code hidethosearms (clever, eh?), making the hoodie $35 rather than the regular $45, which is a great deal for something printed on an American Apparel hoodie. Please note that the code will only work with the pre-order hoodies.

There are also a few tees available on pre-order too.


Dirty Bird Crow Hoodie by Gama-Go

by Andy on October 31, 2007


Well, this hoodie is just straight up awesome. Ok, if you’re a bit indie or emo, it’s straight up awesome.

Has the dirty bird met his avian match?

This is an authentic limited-edition hooded sweatshirt. We’ve only manufactured 350. Each is made with the highest attention to detail.

The entire design is embroidered, with artwork on the chest and right wrist. The interior features a printed, lined hood, two zipper pockets, and a headphone cord passthrough.

Costiness=$84 (with free domestic US shipping) Link

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Entourage Medellin tee from HBO

by Andy on October 30, 2007


I think we’ve covered in the past how often I’m disappointed by the quality of official merchandise for TV shows and movies, even pointing out my disappointment with some of Entourage’s merchandise. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this post on Uncrate pointing me towards this shirt for the fictional movie Medellin from the TV show Entourage. I like the way that it doesn’t mention Entourage or HBO on the tee anywhere, giving it some nudge-nidge-wink-wink credibility. And kudos to HBO on not going with a standard across the chest placement too.

Costiness=$19.99 Link


WRONGWROKS Winter Swarovski Series Released

by Andy on October 30, 2007


Ahh, Wrongwroks, I don’t necessarily think that everything this Vancouver-based crew do is amazing, but there’s just something about them that intrigues me, I mean seriously, who else would think of making a Swarovski pink panther hoodie?


If you’re a fan of all things Doradimon then this hoodie might be up your street too. They’re using carpet on the blue of the character, which is a pretty cool idea since it gives the piece a bit of texture and innovation.

There’s a load more stuff in the collection, a few tees and quite a few hats (which I think are a far more acceptable place for Swarovski crystals to be found on clothing) which are worth checking out.



Threadless: The $10 Thriftee

by Andy on October 29, 2007


Threadless have launched a pretty cool little feature today, called Thriftee, in which a random design of a random size is offered on a first-come first-served basis to one person for the price of $10. Once that has been sold, the whole process starts again with a new design and size. Since that felt awkward when I was writing it I’ll let the Thread-folks explain:

The Threadless $10 Thriftee is your chance to own a super-sweet Threadless tee for $10! The catch is, you gotta be lucky – and you gotta be fast! Here’s how it works…

A short-sleeve tee – in a randomly selected design, in a randomly selected size – is pulled from our catalog and displayed on the homepage. It’s the ONLY ONE available for $10. Whoever acts the fastest gets it. Once that one randomly selected design in a randomly selected size is sold, a new randomly selected design in a randomly selected size is available as the $10 Thriftee. This process will repeat F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

The $10 Thriftees are only for short-sleeve tees, but it doesn’t matter which line they’re from! So, you could even get a Select tee for $10! How about them apples!?

Got it? Cool. $10 is cool and all, but that’s just what they sell at during sale times, now I’m not aware of the inner workings of Threadless and what their costs are, but wouldn’t you have expected to have seen the Thriftee to be a little be less than $10?


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Cotton Filter: 291007

by Andy on October 29, 2007

I’m back in the UK, its time to catch up on what I’ve missed.

Fantastic Bonanza!: Use the code HWEEN for 15% off until October 31st.

Ten Bills: A selected range of shirts is available for just $5 until the end of the week. $5 freakin’ dollars! And if you spend $75+ on your order then you qualify for free shipping (domestic US only).

Chop Shop: Those Stripe Wars tees that the whole internet went ga-ga over have been reprinted, get’em while they last.

: Some very cool new designs from this UK label.

Quixotic Clothing: Brad has released three new designs that are worth a look.

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A Divinely Ghoulish Sale

by Andy on October 29, 2007


Divine Clothing are have a quick sale until November 2nd in which all of the tees are $15.99 and come with free shipping and some Halloween themed goodies.

Get on it!

Divine Clothing Co


Hardware by CELL DVSN @ Dadawan

by Andy on October 26, 2007


Personally, I can’t see myself wearing this, but all-overs are still pretty popular, and if you really, really love your handheld gaming, then this may well be an appropriate hoodie for you. Although I would be wary of wearing this in public since it pretty much screams “hey you, thief, under this hoodie is hundreds of dollars of consumer electronics, just begging to be stolen, have at me!”

Costiness=€99 Link (size medium, different sizes available on this page)

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Achtung Regenwetter @ A Better Tomorrow

by Andy on October 25, 2007


Sorry I didn’t catch this when it was just €29 as part of their Cheap Friday’s promotion last week, but it still looks just as good even with a higher price tag.

It’s nice to see this placed on the left of the sweatshirt, I don’t think I would have been quite so enthralled with it if it had a standard middle print placement.

Costiness=€48 Link

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T-World 3rd Edition Launch Party/Release

by Andy on October 24, 2007


Jake over at has a post about the impending release party to celebrate the 3rd edition of the Australian journal of t-shirt culture, T-World (yeah, people write about tees on paper too!). I’m not particularly interested in the party on Saturday (27th), since it’s in Melbourne and I’m not. But, I am glad to see that there’s another issue of this mag coming out, since I enjoyed the last one I got a hold of (pictured), even if I thought that there wasn’t really that much need to have an Australian theme in just their second edition.

If I can turn up somewhere online where you can buy it then I’ll let you know (Giant Robot had the last one, maybe they’ll have this one).T



Italian’s know good design, I think we can take that as a fact, so it’s nice to see that HYA still graces the extremely comprehensive linkbait list of design blogs put together by Elmanco that has been updated recently.

Anyone interested in a massive list of tee blogs? I’ve already written most of it but if there’s no demand I won’t spend more time on it.


The Freewheelin tee from Waterloo

by Andy on October 24, 2007


The e-mail I got about this tee opened like this… “Hi Andy, hope you like our last creation…” (emphasis mine). I’m hoping that this is just their English not being perfect and it was actually meant to say ‘latest’, because it would suck to lose Waterloo from the tee community since they put out designs that represent and reference music and movies without being too cliche, and that’s pretty rare nowadays.

Since this is a Bob Dylan tee, I was really tempted to write my post in a way that would make it seem like barely audible gibberish (in keeping with my understanding of many Dylan interviews), but that seemed like a lot of work for a joke that would get old fast. The idea of having a square print seems pretty unlike what I’ve come to expect from Waterloo, but I guess that if you’re going for a recreation of an LP cover then then isn’t exactly a whole lot more that you can do. Still, if you’re a fan of Dylan then I’m sure that you’ll be loving this.

Costiness=$24.95 Link (remember: buy 3, and you get 1 free, and shipping is fixed at $3.99)


The Quiet Life: 10 Year Anniversary Series

by Andy on October 24, 2007


I was shocked (shocked!) to read that The Quiet Life has been going for a whole decade, I’d always figured that since they were only onto their second photo book that they weren’t that old (presumably they’d been into other stuff before the photo books started coming out). They’ve celebrated by releasing ten new designs by ten of their favourite artists. So, 10 years x 10 designs x 10 artists = 1000 awesome points. They’ve also released their fall/winter line as well.

The Quiet Life


Sand Leaf Hoodie by Umsteigen @ Rare Device

by Andy on October 24, 2007


Even though it kinda looks as if they’ve photoshopped the models head into the product picture I am still really impressed by this hoodie. And this hoodie comes just in time for your autumnal camouflaging needs (“the leaves, they are turning!”).

Costiness=$100 Link [via Stylehive]


Live Posi Die Happy by Black Sea Apparel

by Andy on October 23, 2007


Ahhh, there’s nothing to brighten my day like the sight of gold foil.

Here you go, hardcore kids. Black Sea meets tough-guy, only, the kind of “tough” Black Sea has to offer is the kind that has a good head on it’s shoulders and isn’t afraid of purple and shiny gold!

Costiness=$20 Link

(Yes, Black Sea are an advertiser now, but since I only allow advertisers I like on the site then clearly their designs are well-worthy of HYA)

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Monsieur T.: F/W 07 Part One released

by Andy on October 23, 2007


Heads up, I’m very tenuously keeping my reporting French-stuff theme going by reporting that Portland-based outfit Monsieur T. have released the first part of their Fall/Winter line. I’m blatantly going to be writing about the hoodie on the right of the above pic so please pretend to be surprised when it pops up on the site later next week.

Monsieur T.

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Public Domain Clothing hits Karmaloop

by Andy on October 23, 2007


I don’t know how it happened, but some new Public Domain designs for women have turned up on Karmaloop before they’ve appeared on PDCs own website. They’re largely a continuation of what we’ve seen in the past, except bigger, brighter, and with more a few more colours too. There’s also the tee that I’ve pointed out above in the picture, which sees them branching out beyond the solid color stock tees and into the adventurous world of hoops.

Costiness=$28 Link



Me? Linking to a PDF magazine? What on earth has happened?

Oh, its from 2one5, it all makes sense now!

I’m quite a fan of online .pdf magazines, where I live I’m lucky if I can buy an issue of Wired, so the opportunity to read an interesting magazine without having the environmental guilty conscience of having a pound of printed paper sitting in the living room after a few hours reading is really appealing to me. I’ve only read the first few pages of the 2nd mag from living proof, but its seems pretty cool.

Living Proof Magazine


Bunny Ears @ Palmercash

by Andy on October 22, 2007


This is a design that I really wish I had more time to write about, because its just gorgeous. The colours work so well together.

Costiness=$55.97 Link


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