The IT Crowd S2E6: A wizard tee for the finish

by Andy on October 1, 2007


After last weeks 7 tee marathon, The IT Crowd took things easier with an episode that took place over the course of one day in TV time, which meant no wardrobe changes for Roy, and resulted in me finding the tee before the credits had even rolled on the sixth and final episode of the second series.

It’s quite a cool tee, if that’s your sort of thing, I like the size of the graphic and the colours are pretty complimentary, although I’m not really a fan of the text that’s on the back (“Guns don’t kill people magic missiles do”) since it takes this tee from having a bit of 8-bit charm to being straight up nerdy, but I guess that if you’re buying tees from J!NX then you’ve accepted your geeky fate already.

The tee that Roy is wearing in the episode appears to be slightly lighter than the one on the product page, suggesting that its from the now discontinued ‘forest green’ colourway (available in 2XL and small till they run out I guess), but you can buy the same design in the slightly darker ‘deep forest’ colourway.

So, are there any other shows you guys think I should be tracking?

Costiness=$14.95 Link

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