Scribtee from ShirtCity

by Andy on October 19, 2007


ShirtCity recently gave themselves a rather shinier new look, which looks rather lovely, but that’s not really of interest to me today, I’m looking at Scribtee, their latest baby. If you look at their brand as a whole, ShirtCity offers a process and service similar to Spreadshirt, whilst Scribtee is much like Threadless (and laFraise, Split the Atom, Teetonic, etc., etc., etc.).

Whilst the idea itself is hardly original, they’ve got some great designs, and seem dedicated to keeping things limited (the first range of shirts is limited to 100 a piece, I’m not sure about future releases) and as environmentally responsible as possible (fair trade, organic, buzzword friendly tees from American Apparel and the increasingly popular Continental Clothing).

I’m sure some of you will groan and say “arrrghhhh!!! Another design competition!!!” But to me, as long as the quality is good the more the better.

Scribtee by ShirtCity

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