Elmanco’s blog list gets updated, HYA still deemed relevant

by Andy on October 24, 2007


Italian’s know good design, I think we can take that as a fact, so it’s nice to see that HYA still graces the extremely comprehensive linkbait list of design blogs put together by Elmanco that has been updated recently.

Anyone interested in a massive list of tee blogs? I’ve already written most of it but if there’s no demand I won’t spend more time on it.

  • Alex

    Yes, I am interested in a massive list of t-shirt blogs.

  • Kevin

    Didn’t you post one before?

    Oh my bad, that was a link to a different one.

    Post it!

  • http://www.seibei.com David

    Yeah, I got some mileage out of that list you posted a link to, so I’m totally down.

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