The Freewheelin tee from Waterloo

by Andy on October 24, 2007


The e-mail I got about this tee opened like this… “Hi Andy, hope you like our last creation…” (emphasis mine). I’m hoping that this is just their English not being perfect and it was actually meant to say ‘latest’, because it would suck to lose Waterloo from the tee community since they put out designs that represent and reference music and movies without being too cliche, and that’s pretty rare nowadays.

Since this is a Bob Dylan tee, I was really tempted to write my post in a way that would make it seem like barely audible gibberish (in keeping with my understanding of many Dylan interviews), but that seemed like a lot of work for a joke that would get old fast. The idea of having a square print seems pretty unlike what I’ve come to expect from Waterloo, but I guess that if you’re going for a recreation of an LP cover then then isn’t exactly a whole lot more that you can do. Still, if you’re a fan of Dylan then I’m sure that you’ll be loving this.

Costiness=$24.95 Link (remember: buy 3, and you get 1 free, and shipping is fixed at $3.99)

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