Threadless: The $10 Thriftee

by Andy on October 29, 2007


Threadless have launched a pretty cool little feature today, called Thriftee, in which a random design of a random size is offered on a first-come first-served basis to one person for the price of $10. Once that has been sold, the whole process starts again with a new design and size. Since that felt awkward when I was writing it I’ll let the Thread-folks explain:

The Threadless $10 Thriftee is your chance to own a super-sweet Threadless tee for $10! The catch is, you gotta be lucky – and you gotta be fast! Here’s how it works…

A short-sleeve tee – in a randomly selected design, in a randomly selected size – is pulled from our catalog and displayed on the homepage. It’s the ONLY ONE available for $10. Whoever acts the fastest gets it. Once that one randomly selected design in a randomly selected size is sold, a new randomly selected design in a randomly selected size is available as the $10 Thriftee. This process will repeat F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

The $10 Thriftees are only for short-sleeve tees, but it doesn’t matter which line they’re from! So, you could even get a Select tee for $10! How about them apples!?

Got it? Cool. $10 is cool and all, but that’s just what they sell at during sale times, now I’m not aware of the inner workings of Threadless and what their costs are, but wouldn’t you have expected to have seen the Thriftee to be a little be less than $10?


  • dire

    very much agreed. i got the email and thought it was a semi-brilliant idea until i realized — $10? they have frequent $10 sales. this could mean that a shirt is going to be up there, indefinitely; “random size” sounds more like “size that no one wants”. after all, the first thriftee is a girly XL? those are rarely, if ever, sold out.

    what would be a better idea is getting a rarer tee, say, one that’s sold out and won’t be reprinted for a while (if ever). although i guess that may cost more to produce, but it certainly would move the shirts a lot quicker.

    good in concept, not so good in execution.

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