Two hoodie pre-orders at Enclothe (and a coupon code)

by Andy on October 31, 2007


Enclothe, the purveyor of esoteric clothing, is going to be releasing a couple of new hoodies soon (Falconeer, pictured, and Horsebot), and they’re available on pre-order now until November 9th. The pre-order price is $40, which will go up to $45 at the end of the pre-order period, and if you order now then you’re eligible for a free sticker pack.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can get a further $5 off that price by using the coupon code hidethosearms (clever, eh?), making the hoodie $35 rather than the regular $45, which is a great deal for something printed on an American Apparel hoodie. Please note that the code will only work with the pre-order hoodies.

There are also a few tees available on pre-order too.

  • Shar

    When I tried pre-ordering the Falconeer hoodie with your coupon code, I got the following error:

    “Discount Cannot be Applied: The requirements for the coupon that you entered don’t match your order details. Please review this coupon’s requirements and edit your order accordingly. (hidethosearms)”

    Makes me sad! Does the coupon code not work for international (to the faraway land of Canada) orders or something?

  • Andy

    Please check your e-mails Shar.

    Note to everyone else, I’m looking into it, there’s probably just been a mix up by the looks of things.

  • Sam

    Shar & Andy,

    The coupon codes up and working. Just preordered my hoody where it didn’t work yesterday-and it definitely applies to Canadian orders.


  • Andy

    Thanks Sam, even though the code was working for them, Enclothe re-did the whole thing and now it seems to work for everyone, hooray!

  • Shar

    Just placed my order! Thanks for getting that all sorted out.

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