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November 2007

Cotton Filter: 301107

by Andy on November 30, 2007

Just a quick one before the weekend lands upon us:

Karmaloop TV: Karmaloop launched a web TV station a couple of days ago, looks pretty cool, and they’ve got some pretty big names in their launch content. As I’ve mentioned previously, my soundcard is dead so I can’t really comment on the content, but it looks good.

Shirt City: They’ve given their front page a bit of a spruce up, and they’re giving a €5 off voucher to people making their first purchase when you signup through the right link on the front page (which is pretty obvious to find). They’ve also launched a Christmas mini-site with lots of festive extras, check it out here.

XLarge: Use the coupon code xmascheer to get 20% off your order until December 31st of this year.


Winged Car Hoodie by Slowshirts @ Etsy

by Andy on November 30, 2007


nail it once again with this car+wings=weird but cool design.

When I saw this just as a design, I thought it was far more suited to a tee rather than a hoodie, as some designs are, but then I saw the picture above and my feelings changed, and the ‘neon jade’ print works really well on the hoodie. So if you’re a fan of the 1971 Honda AN600 (and who isn’t?) then this may well just be the hoodie for you.

Costiness=$39 Link


Tract by Cindez @ Dadawan

by Andy on November 30, 2007


Well, after a week in which there’s been massive amounts of rioting and violence in France, a lot of which has been described as more intense and well organised than the rioting of a couple of years ago, its only natural that I post a French-language tee that has a balaclava-clad person on it requesting that the less-than-savoury elements of French society ‘unite’. That’s why they call me a class act!

Pretty much a standard white tee otherwise, probably not a good idea to wear this if you’re actually planning or are involved in subversive activities, I don’t think that the hidden-in-plain-sight theory works in that kind of situation.

Costiness=€30 Link (link goes to size large but if you click around a bit then you’ll find the other sizes)


Mimoco Apparel x HYA* Contest Winners!

by Andy on November 29, 2007




In no particular order, there are the 3 winners in the illustration contest, not half bad, eh?

Congratulations to Ric, Eugene, and Claudette (their entries running from top to bottom, respectively) for creating some excellent illustrations and winning a tee from Mimoco‘s apparel line, they’ll be in the post to you very soon. Well done guys, thanks a lot for taking part!

Check out the rest of the entrants over at this special set on Flickr.

Keep an eye out for future competitions on HYA*, and if you own a tee store and would be interested in working together on a competition, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.


Disgusted With Humanity by Black Sea Apparel

by Andy on November 29, 2007


Wow, that is one depressing title for a t-shirt, just once couldn’t they do something about kittens and puppies playing together in a field?

Whilst we’re feeling down over the name, we might as well be brought down by the blurb as well:

While we try to encourage others to have a positive attitude and be proactive in making this world a better place, some of us cannot help letting our minds and hearts become weary and overwhelmed with the ugly things in this world. Terrorism, homicide, betrayal… even just taking advantage of one another… it’s enough to disgust us.

All joking aside, this is a great design, I really love the colourway and placement.

Costiness=$17 Link


Naive’s new season is awesome

by Andy on November 29, 2007


Well, you can tell what I think of the latest line from Naive, they seem to just keep pushing themselves further and further, each new line goes up a level every time. Get on over there and check it out for yourself.

If you want me to sweeten the deal a little bit more, how does 10% off sound. Good? Then I’m going to blow your mind when I tell you that if you use the coupon code hideyourarms you’ll get 15% off your order up until December 1st, and yes, I am too good to you, by which I mean Naive are good to you.

Naive Clothing


Lorax by LRG @ Karmaloop

by Andy on November 29, 2007


Is it a finger-print? Is it a severely warped cross-section of a tree? Or am I missing something and this is a bit like staring at clouds?

The light green on light heather works really well, although I think I would be a bit more impressed with the design if the print flowed naturally from the sleeves to the body rather than just stopping rather abruptly.

Costiness=$72 Link (Were you aware of it? Get up to 20% off your Karmaloop order with the rep code AS7594!)

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Remember when I gave Scribtee a shout out a while back? Well, now I can back up my claims that it doesn’t matter how many shirt design competitions there are as long as they keep the quality up. I know it can feel like “another day, another tee design competition,” but let’s consider just how many graphic designers and artists there are, and just how many people there are that like to buy tees on the net. If anything, we don’t have even design competitions!


It’s probably just me, but I’m this has a really euro style to it. Which makes sense it was designed by someone called Benny Kohl, who the big Goog tells me is from Munich, a place which is in Europe… but that’s not entirely what I mean, there seems to be a certain style that illustrators on the continent really excel at, and this is a prime example. It mixes the recognisable with the unrecognisable, embellishing on reality, with considerable dashes of cuteness and whimsicality. In short, I dig.


On the quality side of things, I’m impressed. The blank tee is supplied by Continental Clothing, who seem to be becoming increasingly popular amongst tee labels, and with understandable reason, they offer a quality and fit reminiscent of American Apparel, though perhaps a bit shorter and more fitted than AA. The print feels good considering that there’s so many layers and fiddly bits of detail to contend with. Please note that the printed Scribtee label is printed on the back of the tee, meaning people can see it when you wear it, I thought I’d better warn you since I know some people hate that kind of thing.

Costiness=£14 Link

45.jpg 56.jpg 65.jpg 72.jpg


Reservoir Colors [sic] by LaFraise

by Andy on November 28, 2007

composite_reservoir colors.jpg

Ahh, I just can’t let the whole colours/colors thing go, can I?

Really great, colourful design from the Strawberry, who’ve been kicking out some great tees recently, they really don’t get as much press as they deserve.

This image from Reservoir Dogs is pretty iconic, at least in terms of cinema, and this little twist upon a design that has shown up on more than a few tees is a lot of fun, the bright splashes of colour subvert the violent associations that come with the image.

Costiness=€22 Link (not on the US site yet)


Octo Hoodie by Boygirlparty

by Andy on November 28, 2007


Susie Ghahremani really knows how to push my design buttons, she can create some really beautiful images. I like design on the olive hoodie too, although I imagine it might work quite nicely on a heather grey hoodie too.

Costiness=$30 Link


Jack by Howies

by Andy on November 27, 2007


I can’t really see myself wearing this, since I always find it a bit awkward when people read my tees and it takes more than a few seconds (which happens a lot in this line of business), but its a pretty fun tee, maybe one for wearing down the gym?

Costiness=£20 Link


Ransom Hooded Twill Blazer by Volcom

by Andy on November 27, 2007


I really can’t decide what I think of this, although I’m erring more towards the ‘hate it’ than ‘love it’ side of things. I didn’t realise that wearing a hoodie and a blazer at the same time was considered a ‘look’, and combining the two to make a Franken-blazer justs seems kinda wrong. Seriously, are you smart, or are you casual, make up your mind and pick one, then move along. Actually I have made up my mind, I 100% dislike this item, but since its a bit different I feel duty bound to report it. But please, don’t buy one.

Oh, and Nordstrom, any chance of getting some models that don’t have their picture next to the dictionary definition of ‘smug’?

Costiness=$85 Link [thanks, Uncrate]


Cotton Filter: 261107

by Andy on November 27, 2007

Sales, sales, sales…

Mimoco x HYA* Illustration Contest: The entries are in, check them out in this Flickr set, winners will be announced shortly!

Hugsmugglers by Brandon Dunlap: This guys a great artist, check out him and his clothing line.

7 hottest tee models on the net by Threadspot: I’m not so sure if I approve of the idea, but at least I now know that you don’t have to spend days hunting down robot and anthropomorphic tees to get some Digg-love.

No Star: You can get 30% off all orders over $75 by using the coupon code TURKEY. Did I already mention this? No matter, its a good coupon!

Digital Gravel: Cyber Monday sale, enter the code BLKMNDY for 25% off anything until midnight PST tonight.

80sPurple: 10% off everything (even sale items) with the code holiday07.

Stereo Panda: A truck-load of stuff has gone on sale exclusive for Christmas, totally ‘off the hook’ as usual.

WeAreFalse: Season 4 is about to drop, check out this feature of SlamxHype for the lowdown.

People Like Us: 5 new designs, and you just KNOW that they’re gonna look good before you even click that link!

Glarkware: All non-limited tees are $15 until 11:59ET tomorrow (Tuesday 27th) night.

Huzzah Goods
: New designs are up on their site, and every purchase will give a dollar to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play Charity.

Paper Root Clothing: Overhauled website, new tees, new hoodies, new scarves. All look good.

Owl Movement: Some kind of whimsical sale going down, they really are big on whimsy over at OM. Basically, you’ll get 15% magically reduced from your order at the checkout.

Burnswell: Get 10% off any order over $30 with the code 3PACK.

Monsieur T.
: Get 30% off a load of their stuff. Sale ends at midnight (PST) 27/11.

Yackfou: Get 10% off your order with the coupon code bestechungsgeld until December 10th.

Cotton Factory: Spend more than $75 and enter the coupon code CHIP in the checkout for free shipping.

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Pink Bird by Victrola35 @ Etsy

by Andy on November 26, 2007


Dang, this hoodie‘s so nice I wish that it was made for guys and not just girls. The colours, the placement, the layers, all really nicely put together, another great example of someone on etsy putting out really nice design work.

Costiness=$46 Link


Review: ‘Speaker’ by The Ryde

by Andy on November 24, 2007


Let’s check out the blurb:

Music blends into art, art mimics life, life is a box of chocolates. Our interpretation of seeing what music looks like.



Very cool image, even if, just for a change, I’m not entirely sure of the meaning of the design, despite reading The Ryde’s own interpretation in the above paragraph. Not that people usually think about the meaning when they look at a shirt, when people see me wearing this they aren’t going to analyse it, they’re gonna say “hey Bone, that looks freakin’ sweet!” I will then thank them for the compliment (being polite costs nothing!) and move along. And that kind of sums up this tee, it isn’t groundbreaking, its just really well put together.


In terms of quality, The Ryde have totally killed it once again. Killed it in a good way. Very soft custom tee, with a pretty fitted… fit. The printing is pretty dang soft too. Impressive stuff.

Costiness=$12 (down from $24) Link

55.jpg 64.jpg


Repeated Block Head hoodie by Lazy Oaf

by Andy on November 23, 2007


Oh lazy oaf, you so crazy!

Personally, I think it would probably be a bit better if the bright blue kangaroo pocket panel was the block head pattern, but I guess they wanted to break it up a bit and throw in a contrasting dash of colour.

Costiness=£58 (with UK postage) Link


The Reality Check by LRG @ Karmaloop

by Andy on November 23, 2007


LRG seem to really have a knack for picking out colour palettes, the strong and bright colours sit so well on the black tee, and the blue and pink pairing works really well together. It is a fairly bizarre image though…


See, bizarre, non? I’m really digging the lettering though.

Costiness=$22 Link



Some of the more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I’ve started adding Digg buttons to my larger posts such as the list of t-shirt blogs and the list of 50 robot tees. I’m not putting them on everything, just the ones that take a few hours of effort, and if you think my work deserves a bit of reward, please click them when you see them.

Anyway, someone that I presume to be rather a clever fellow has made a t-shirt that has it’s own digg button built into it, and whilst it is a ‘working’ digg button, it doesn’t actually connect to digg via wi-fi, which I presume would be so awesome that it would sit atop digg’s front page for the rest of time. Still, bravo ‘thyzdik‘, bravo!

Instrucable [via Make]



I’m not really a fan of tees and hoodies that try and force a message onto you. Sure, have your personal beliefs, but don’t shout them at me in t-shirt form. On the other hand, this hoodie from Divine Clothing has a fun/serious balance. I really like the idea that you could unintentionally brighten up a strangers day by wearing this. That you’d be walking along a street and someone that’s having a crappy day would walk past you, see your hoodie, smile and maybe things would pick up for them, nothing major, just a little happiness.

Costiness=$30 (with US shipping) Link


‘Cut and Paste’ by Soliloquy Clothing

by Andy on November 22, 2007


Lovin’ this design, it’d be cool if they included a piece of cardboard with the design printed on it so that you could make a cube Earth, maybe they do, who knows? (owners of the store, previous customers perhaps)


Who says the world is round? Don’t believe everything the men in white coats tell you… We found this diagram in the Blue Peter garden compost heap.

Costiness=£42 Link

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