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by Andy on November 12, 2007



I don’t think that anyone has yet managed to nail down just how many t-shirt blogs there are, and even though I try and keep tabs on these kinds of things I know I’ve missed some off. If you know of any that aren’t on this list please include them in the comments so that I can add them. There are no guarantee’s of quality in this list, some of the blogs do rely a bit too much on affiliate links in their tee picks for my liking, but give most of them are worth a look in my opinion.

Hide Your Arms – Strictly speaking, a hoodie site, but I love tees too much to ignore them. (

Addicteed – Streetwear-style designs rule the roost here. (

Fantastic Blognanza – Also a clothing line, but they rarely put their own stuff onto their blog. (

Funky Duds – (

Indie Threads – Also a social network. (

Spreadshirt US – Blog from the mass-customisation company, Spreadshirt, with industry insights and tips for their shop owners. (

Spreadshirt UK – Similar topics to the US blog. (

T-shirts Around the Internet – A blog about t-shirts… around.. the Internet. (

T-shirt Junkies – “A new T-shirt fix. Everyday” Last updated July 27th 2007.

Tee Shirt Blog – French language blog, but we can all enjoy the picutres! (

The Daily Tee – A tee every day, even on weekends. (

Tjunction – A blog all about coupon codes, deals and bargains from online clothes stores. (

Troundup – Great tee picks. (

Preshrunk – Not updated as much as I’d like, but always great tee choices. (

Tcritic – More popular than me, boo hoo hoo. (

Teejunkie – Long abandoned sadly, but the archives still provide a wealth of information. (

TEEES – Has been a bit quiet recently, but Nico has a great eye for designs. (

iloveyourtshirt – They have a regular edited blog, and a user-submitted one of tee pictures with their purchase links. (

shirt2 – Blog and store directory (

shirtspotting – German language tee blog, good selections. (

T-Shirt Island – Rangga’s thoughts on the tee industry, also covers tee news. (

Tshirt Freak – Blog written by prolific tee designer, Olli Rudi. ((

Shirt Snob – One for the ladies. (

Death By Tshirt – Some excellent tee choices make this blog worth checking out. (

Indigo Clothing Blog – Light-hearted corporate blog. (

Tee Galleree – Great tee picks, shame about the standard looking wordpress template. (

Selekkt – Higher-end looking designs that aren’t necessarily at higher-end prices, they’ve got the eye for great designs. (

Tee Lovers – Cool picks.

The dog house – These guys know good design. (

ThreadBanger – Telling you how to go DIY with your tees (and other garments) (

ThreadChat – Last updated in June, mainly focused at marketing your t-shirt store. (

Threadlesswatch – Keeping an eye on Threadless (at least it was last year when they updated it). (

communiteeuk – They always list the location of the brands they’re looking at, which is unusual. (

compete – tee – tion – Taking niche-ness to the next level by only blogging about t-shirt design competitions. (

loves threadless – So, guess what these guys write about? (

HipHipUK – Sporadic industry thoughts, and tee picks from a Spreadshirt (EU) employee. (

embassy of tees – A rather varied selection, in both style and quality. (

militant geek – Tees for geeks, presumably picked by a geek. (

shirtlog – offers the unusual option of shopping by colour. (

tshirtreview – This writer actually criticizes tees, which is good to see. (

so many shirts and only one body – A selection of shirts that beats the expectations laid down by the domain name. (

t*fodder – No words, just tees. (

t-shirt watch – According to Alexa, this might be the most popular tee blog. Good if you want to see various celebs wearing tees. (

omg tees – Solid tee picks. (

the t-shirt blog – Topical tees aren’t really my thing, but this blog seems to love them. (

tshirt enterpreneur online – This site could help you get your line off the ground. (

t-shirt alert – An Aussie-centric tee blog, bonza!

T-shirt times – Not been updated for a while, seemed to get it’s stories from wire services. (

A Better Tomorrow Blog – German-language blog about the ABT store. (

planeta t-shirts – Spanish-language tee blog. (

Kyle tompkins T-Shirt Diary – Actually just a category from a personal blog, which makes it rather more readable in my opinion. (

calamitee! – Currently AWOL, but I’m sure it exists. (

she knows best – Lifestyle tips for guys, presumably from a woman? (

shirtgods – Fairly geeky shirts. (

t-shirt fiend – Solid selection of topical and funny tees. (

t-shirt anarchy – Not available at the moment, but I’m pretty sure this is a tee blog. (

tschitoushop – It’s all French, I have no idea what’s going on! (

viste adecuadamente – Spanish-language, they know what they’re talking about. (

we love tshirt – Very, very cool logo. (

t shirt surgery – “the deconstruction & reconstruction of t-shirts” (

T-shirt – Coupons… for t-shirt shops… duh. (

Custom T-Shirt talk – Lots of industry chatter, which is more fun than it sounds. (

Mr-TShirt Blog – A distinct lack of pitying of fools on this blog. (

Everyday T-shirt – Seems to be a blog made up of designs by the blogger him/herself. (

The Secret Life of Tees – This guy knows good tees, when he updates. (

Well, I guess that should send just about everyone that reads this blog off to pastures new, just remember, I’m the only one that posts hoodies everyday!

If you want to give me bandwidth a good hammering, you can see a full-size version of the blog mosaic, without the text, at this link (warning: 8MB .jpg link). It took me about 4 hours to make, so feel free to save it for posterity.

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