The North Face: 485 Collection

by Andy on November 13, 2007


I figure that it’s about time that I try and expand the rather pathetic amount of posts in the ‘coat’ category, so I’m going to really help you guys out this winter by mentioning a range of winter coats that cost from $500 to $1200, a drop in the ocean, right?

Yeah, I know no one’s going to drop that kind of cash, even if people tend to spend more of a decent winter coat than most other things in their wardrobe, but there’s no denying that this range looks pretty amazing. I still regularly wear a North Face coat that I bought for my rather failure-ridden attempts at snowboarding four years ago and I’m still impressed by the quality of it, anything that keeps you warm when you’re stood on top of a windy mountain in the Lake District in December is worth spending a bit of extra cash on… and remember your gloves, gloves are always a must (another HYA top tip!).

Click on through (to the North Face site) to read some quite exceptional feats in breathless PR-isms.

Available through Paragon Sports, and read about it at The North Face, [via notcot, via Uncrate]

  • Joe

    And don’t forget your scarf dear, you know how cold your neck always gets. :P

  • theGoat

    The guy in the pic is actually one of their product developers. I met him last week, nice guy. I’m trying to work him for a job…

  • Andy

    @Joe: I do actually have a lovely scarf that accompanies me on the lonely fell walks…

    @theGoat: Small world eh? And very cool of them to use their own team as models (at least in part).

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