Review: Yay Serotonin! by ClothMoth

by Andy on November 22, 2007


Usually, when I get sent a tee, I don’t expect to have to study chemistry to understand the joke. I kinda got it, but I thought I’d better take a better look to make sure I was on track (if you call Wikipedia ‘taking a better look at it’).

In the central nervous system, serotonin is believed to play an important role as a neurotransmitter, in the regulation of anger, aggression, body temperature, mood, sleep, vomiting, sexuality, and appetite.

So, according to this article, serotonin makes you hungry and horny, amongst other things. Those things also sound a lot like a description of parties at chez Andy!


There’s a pretty interesting style in this design. The way that the letters for ‘yay serotonin!’ are drawn twice kind of reminds me of being bored in chemistry class and going over and over what you’ve written because you wanted it to look like you were doing something when you were actually just daydreaming. Although why you’d write “yay serotonin!” in one of your schoolbooks is another matter althogether. And in that sense I think ClothMoth have really got the sentiment right on this design, its weird, you don’t really understand it, but at the same time you kinda like it.


As mentioned in my past two ClothMoth reviews, this tee is printed on a Fruit of the Loom ‘Best’ tee, and I’m impressed with it, but they are moving over to the industry standard of American Apparel soon, so be aware of that when you order since FotL are a bit more of a regular fit compared to the AA. The print quality is top notch as well, with the colours popping well with the brown of the tee.

Costiness=$18 Link

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  • Vince Noir

    Um…that is not the structure of serotonin. The shirt concept is awesome and funny, but the creator could have at least google’d the structure of serotonin first. Totally one of my pet peeves.

  • Andy

    Good point, its been years since I took chemistry class, but I guess you’re saying that the lower hexagon is meant to be a pentagon?

    By the way, my pet peeve is people who leaves comments on blogs using character names from cult-hit BBC3 TV shows. Unless your name really is Vince Noir, in which case you should be hitting up the Beeb for some cash, they stole your name!

    (that pet peeve bit was a joke btw, dammit, I can never follow through without covering my tracks with honesty!

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