Review: Just Loving Music by Benny Kohl @ Scribtee

by Andy on November 28, 2007


Remember when I gave Scribtee a shout out a while back? Well, now I can back up my claims that it doesn’t matter how many shirt design competitions there are as long as they keep the quality up. I know it can feel like “another day, another tee design competition,” but let’s consider just how many graphic designers and artists there are, and just how many people there are that like to buy tees on the net. If anything, we don’t have even design competitions!


It’s probably just me, but I’m this has a really euro style to it. Which makes sense it was designed by someone called Benny Kohl, who the big Goog tells me is from Munich, a place which is in Europe… but that’s not entirely what I mean, there seems to be a certain style that illustrators on the continent really excel at, and this is a prime example. It mixes the recognisable with the unrecognisable, embellishing on reality, with considerable dashes of cuteness and whimsicality. In short, I dig.


On the quality side of things, I’m impressed. The blank tee is supplied by Continental Clothing, who seem to be becoming increasingly popular amongst tee labels, and with understandable reason, they offer a quality and fit reminiscent of American Apparel, though perhaps a bit shorter and more fitted than AA. The print feels good considering that there’s so many layers and fiddly bits of detail to contend with. Please note that the printed Scribtee label is printed on the back of the tee, meaning people can see it when you wear it, I thought I’d better warn you since I know some people hate that kind of thing.

Costiness=£14 Link

45.jpg 56.jpg 65.jpg 72.jpg

  • Joe

    I was reading through and looking at the pictures; when I came to the picture of the neck, I was excited to see some more Continental Clothing! I really like the color-matched size tags, but that might be because I’m a t-shirt nerd :/

  • Haley @ BareApparel

    I like Continental Clothing, but their stuff isn’t quite as soft as alternative. I think the quality is better than AA.

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