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December 2007

HYA x Mauve Christmas Giveaway! The winners!

by Andy on December 26, 2007

Is your heart beating? Are you gonna scroll down and see your name on the winners list? Regretting not entering now? Wishing you hadn’t eaten so much Turkey on Christmas day?

Okay, here is how I worked out the winners, since if British TV has taught me anything over the past year, transparency is a must when it comes to competitions. At the end of each day I made up a list of all the entries and numbered them. They were numbered because I decided that the fairest (and easiest) way that I could create a random drawing would be to use a random number generator. I used I know that it can be argued that these generators can never truly be random, but I felt that for the purposes of this giveaway that it would be random enough especially as make a big fuss about offering truly random numbers. I then asked the generator to pick one integer for me between 1 and however many entries that there were for each day. Since the rules stated that any individual could only win one time (let’s share the wealth, comrades!), and lots of people entered on multiple days, after someone won I marked their entries on subsequent days as ineligible, and if their number came up in the random number generator I would generate for that day until a number was produced of someone that hadn’t previously been a winner. I think that explains the process, hopefully you think it was as fair as I could have reasonably managed.

I think I’ve teased you enough, here’s the winners:

Day 1 (The Quiet Life): Johnson Le

Day 2 (The Hundreds): Michelle Lee

Day3 (Cosby): Kevin D

Day 4 (Stussy): Matthew John Greten

Day 5 (One People Project): Menachem Katz

Day 6 (Crooks & Castles): Daniel Noir

Day 7 (Obey): Joe Wasserman

Congratulations guys! If you have sent me your size & address already, there’s no need to send it again, but if you haven’t, please do, otherwise Mauve won’t know where to send your tee. I’ll be sending off the winners details to Mauve in the next few days so I think you can probably expect to see your tees sometime early in the New Year. Thanks to all who took part, and big, big, big thanks to Mauve who went above and beyond the call of duty by giving away tees from some great streetwear labels.

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Cotton Filter: 261207

by Andy on December 26, 2007

I’m keeping this super quick since I’m far too busy making sandwiches with Christmas in themb and gorging myself on the 18lbs of Japanese food that my brother had imported for me (hurrah for wasabi roasted peas!), but sales are sales and I’m sure some of you got cash for Chrimbo and there’s no better way to spend it than on clothes!

Design By Humans: Everyone else has already reported it, but from now until the end of the year, enter the discount code DBHFAM during the checkout process and you’ll receive a rather handsome 35% off your order.

Lazy Oaf: I didn’t realise until now that LO had a bricks-and-mortar store, but… they do (Lazy Oaf, Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London, W1B 5PW if you realllllly want to know) and they’ve got a sale kicking off tomorrow, tees from £10, sweatshirts from £25, and the sale with be coming to their online store on January 2nd, which is very forgiving for those of us that will be extremely hungover.

Red Lotus Clothing got in touch, looks good.

A tee site called Monkey Fist launched recently.

Our friends over at Concrete Hermit have taken their social network out of closed beta and gone public, make friends with me here, there’s lots of people on there that are far more interesting than me, so have a nose around.

Thanks to the guys at Pyknic for introducing themselves, and I’ve noticed that for every shirt of theirs that you buy until December 31st they will donate a shirt to charity, way to get in the spirit!

Our friends at Bean Dip have dropped a couple of New Era fitted hats, not really my thing, but I have faith that they know a lot more about the New Era world than I do.

Wrongwroks have an Xmas themed beanie for sale, as well as more stuff with Kate Moss adorning it.

Two new shirts are available at

dropped some new product a few days ago.

That should just about do it for now, the winners of the HYA x Mauve sweepstakes are coming up in a few minutes, after which I don’t intend to do any more blogging until 2008, unless something major comes up. So thanks a lot for reading, e-mailing, sending me samples, linking, and commenting this year, HYA wouldn’t nearly be as interesting for me as it is if it wasn’t for you guys. Have a great time over the rest of the holiday period, stay safe, and remember, there’s no such thing as calories at Christmas!


HYA x Mauve Christmas Giveaway! Day 7: Obey

by Andy on December 24, 2007


Well gang, today is the final day of the HYA x Mauve sweepstakes. You’ve impressed me with the quantity of entries, especially those of you that have entered every day (Kevin, Michelle, Joe, Menachem, Daniel… there may have been more), and whilst I know it isn’t that much effort to send off a quick e-mail every day, I know that this is a very busy time of year, so a big thanks to all of you for being involved. I’m sure you’ve all finished your Christmas shopping by now (I was finished early last week, and yes, I am smug about it) so let’s see if we can have the best response yet for the final day of the competition!

Today in the sweepstakes,Mauve are giving away a tee from their fine selection of goods from Obey. I’m not going to insult you by telling you how big of a deal Obey is, and how Shepard Fairey’s street art movement has become an “important urban phenomenon”. Oh and their clothes are hot too!

Want to get your hands on the Obey giant? Well, to be in with a chance to win an Obey tee courtesy of Mauve Online (who are being very sensible and have closed their bricks-and-mortar store today and tomorrow) all you gotta do is send an e-mail containing your t-shirt size with the subject heading Day 7 to Winners will be announced on December 26th, because I’m damned if I’m working Christmas Day. You want rules? Download them here, read them online here.



When I went out for drinks with my friends on Friday night I was telling them about the giveaway that I was running on HYA all this week, and they asked me which brands I was giving away, so I thought I’d go with the most well known brands and told them that Stussy and Obey (… they’re coming up tomorrow) were amongst the brands. I had a series of blank faces staring back at me, my friends didn’t know who those brands were, but I guess they aren’t really HYA people, but you people are HYA people, and when I tell you that today Mauve are giving away a tee from Crooks & Castles then you’ll know that something special is going on!

You don’t need to be a crook to get your hands on a free tee (see what I did there?), all you have to do is e-mail me your t-shirt size using the subject heading Day 6 to and your name will be put into the draw for the tee from Mauve online. There are the usual rules that need to be followed, you can download them here (.doc link) and see them online here via Google Docs.

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Day 5! People, this giveaway has got it going on like Donkey Kong! Today Mauve have really knocked one out of the park, by giving away a t-shirt from a company that they don’t even sell in their online store yet!

Yup, take a look around the Mauve store and you will not find One People Project anywhere (unless I’m being stupid), but enter todays portion of the sweepstakes and you might just find an OPP tee on your doorstep!

Just in case you’re joining us for the first time, here’s how to get in on the action. Send an e-mail containing your t-shirt size (and whatever else you want!) with the subject Day 5 to and you will be entered into the random drawing to win a tee from One People Project thanks to our friends at Mauve. Full rules can be downloaded here (.doc link), and read on Google Docs here.

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Wii-mote Explosion by Wire & Twine

by Andy on December 22, 2007


Funnily enough, this is actually how I would imagine a wii-mote ending up if I was given more than a few hours to play with one, my bowling action is a bit ‘active’ to say the least, and I’m sure that I’d end up chucking the little white slab through the TV. Also, the cool thing about having a 52″ TV is that Wii bowling looks practically life size.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear in the past how much I love exploded designs, and they don’t all have to be created by Troy Paiva. I’m like an exploded-design addict, I’ll take a hit whenever and wherever I can get it!

This is the hoodie version of the popular ‘tiishirt‘ (top punnery!), that kicked-up a bit of fuss earlier in the year, and with good reason too, I’m tempted to buy one and I don’t even own a Wii or usually pay for clothes!

Costiness=$45 Link [thanks, Joe!]


WordPress now sells hoodies

by Andy on December 21, 2007


Sure, I like WordPress, my blogging life would be a lot harder without it, hell, but am I willing/nerdy enough to buy a hoodie that professes my love for this fantastic open-source CMS?

Well, no, to be honest, but that’s just me. It does raise an interesting thought though, how come people get offended about wearing brands like Nike because ‘you’re advertising their brand’, but when it comes to the ‘little blog-software that could’, no one minds seeing their logo slapped onto an American Apparel hoodie. I don’t want that to sound too bitter, but considering how much talent there is in the WordPress community you would have thought that someone could have made something far more attractive that worked that big W into its design. Now Songbird, that’s some merch I can get into!

Costiness=$32 Link


Waterworks by Naive Clothing

by Andy on December 21, 2007

waterworksDL Photos_0000_Layer 18.jpg

Do you know the game ‘Pipes’ (thats probably not the real name, but if you know of it then you’ll know what I mean)? This design just reminded me of it. How random was it that it was a mini-game in BioShock? One of the games of the year contained a game that I would remove from my cellphone if it wasn’t locked on there, and a game that is probably only on my cellphone because the developers couldn’t think of another decent way of making use of the touchscreen.

Anyway, I figured it was about damn time to drop back in on Naive Clothing, and it would seem that they’ve been rather busy. Plenty of new designs for you to sink your teeth into, and this ‘Waterworks’ windbreaker is up there with the best of them. I really like the way that the design slides just-and-so past the zip, as if they were pointing out to us how more thought had gone into this piece than you would first imagine (even if they warn you that irregularities may occur because of the trans-zipper print).

Costiness=$29.50 Link


Healing for the Masses by Black Sea Apparel

by Andy on December 21, 2007


My guys over at the Black Sea (and maybe over a bit further over on the right if their ad is showing) know just how to kill it, kill it in a good way. It takes a bold, bold, bunch of people to put a pink repeating pattern on a yellow t-shirt. And if you thought that was bold, what if I told you that the pink repeating pattern repeated unicorns, yeah…

…one more time, unicorns!

Costiness=$19 Link


HYA x Mauve Christmas Giveaway! Day 4: Stussy

by Andy on December 21, 2007


Day 4 guys! Today’s random tee that is going to be randomly given away to one lucky reader comes from that global force in streetwear, Stussy. According to wikipedia (so it has to be true), Stussy is generally thought of as being one of the brands that started the whole streetwear movement after their inception in 1980, so I guess you can either love or hate them just for that! If you aren’t too aware of what Stussy is all about, check out their selection at Mauve and you’ll get a good feel.

You want in? Haven’t heard how to participate yet? Send an e-mail to with your t-shirt size and the subject heading Day 4. That’s it, that’s all you have to do to enter, don’t you wish everything in life was that easy?

Rules: I don’t like to live on the edge with HYA, so here’s the downloadable rules (.doc link), and they’re viewable online here at Google Docs.

*Please note that the giveaways will be continuing over the weekend, so keep checking back to see which brands are up next!*

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Vampire Career Fair by Seibei

by Andy on December 21, 2007


David from Seibei certainly has been busy recently, hitting up craft fairs all-over the US and recently releasing a few new designs. You’d have thought that since this is a blog I’d go for the most google juice possible and write about his recent collaboration with Derek M. Ballard, who’s an illustrator, not a contestant on Project Runway as I wrote in the original version of this post, that’s another collaboration entirely! Or I’d finally point out yet another design in which Seibei show their love for all things zombie with the tee ‘Thriller Was A Documentary‘ which has zombie Michael Jackson looking better than he does in real life, whilst kicking out a nice little reference to Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

But for me, ‘Vampire Career Fair‘ tops those two, the large block of red drips contrasts so well with the white tee, the positioning of the text with that solid black background, and the characters that feel more like they should be in a graphic novel than on a t-shirt. Its just so well put together, all the pieces just fall into place to produce an excellent design that works great as a tee.

Costiness=$22 Link (you might get 10% off your order with the code hideyourarms, I can’t remember)


The Revolution by Tank Theory @ Karmaloop

by Andy on December 21, 2007


Ooooohhhh, Tank Theory may well have done this black/white/gold + weaponry thing quite a lot, but that doesn’t stop it from looking really, really cool every time I see it, and at $58 its a bit of a steal. And I know I’ve posted something that looks similar to this in the past, but its actually slightly different, this one has bullets on the front!


Costiness=$58 Link

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by Andy on December 20, 2007


All-Mighty, the guys that love dogs (and clothes with images of dogs on them) more than I love clothes, have had a redesign of their site and hot damn it looks good. It appears that they’ve overhauled pretty much everything whilst still retaining the essence that makes AM so darned cute and lovable. There also seems to be quite a lot of new products available too since I last took a look, so head on over and check it out.


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NYC Subway Map hoodie by Fred Flare

by Andy on December 20, 2007


I don’t really like this hoodie all that much, its a little busy for me, but then I thought I’d post this since one of my boys is over in NY at the moment, and I’m really tempted to head over there for the United Show in January. That said, I think that wearing one in New York would be the equivalent of wearing a sign around your neck that says “I’m a tourist, I’m going to stop in the middle of ‘sidewalk’ to take pictures, hate me.”

Still, putting a subway map onto a hoodie is a pretty fun idea lots of fun though!

Costiness=$70 Link

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HYA x Mauve Christmas Giveaway! Day 3: Cosby

by Andy on December 20, 2007


You know what time it is! Day 3 is upon us! Todays tee is going to be from a brand who I haven’t heard much about before, Cosby, but if the guys over at Mauve think that its good, then chances are its a streetwear label that is too cool for mere mortals such as myself to know about. And no, there isn’t a puddin’ pop anywhere to be seen!

If you missed the first couple of days, I’ll go through how the contest works for you. Send an e-mail to telling me your t-shirt size, and address if you’re comfortable giving me that info before you know if you’re a winner (but I would never, never, use these details to spam you guys), and please use the subject Day 3 so that I can quickly sort the entries. Once I receive your e-mail your name is in the hat for the random drawing of a tee from Mauve’s range of Cosby clothing, simple as that!

Since there are apparently laws regulating this kind of thing, there are a few rules that we have to follow. They are pretty standard so you don’t need to worry about them, but for your viewing pleasure they can be found here (warning: .doc link) and viewable online here on my Google Docs. One important rule to note is that this contest is only open to the US and EU.

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Incognito 7 by aliadotony @ Design By Humans

by Andy on December 20, 2007


To be completely honest, and what would be the point of HYA if I lied constantly? DBHs designs had actually been disappointing me a bit recently. I kept feeling as if they were putting things out that showed off their admittedly excellent printing techniques rather than the great work that their community of artists was submitting. Saying that though, I could still see the talent and skill in the designs, they just weren’t popping for me.

But Incognito 7 reaffirmed my faith in DBH, the pink and blue highlights really help to freshen up this design, and little details around the edge really contrast well with the heads giving a future meets past kinda feel.

Costiness=$19 Link

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S.A.S by Natural Born @ Karmaloop

by Andy on December 19, 2007


1) It’s cold here. 2) At weekends where I live you hear quite a lot of rifle shots echoing down the valleys from people hunting. That got me thinking about nice warm coats and camo, so.. voila, a camo coat! This coat is 100% cotton with a plaid lining, so I’m not sure quite how warm it will keep you, but it does look pretty good.

Costiness=$190 Link


Tesson by Cindez @ Dadawan

by Andy on December 19, 2007


Very cool idea, very good execution, that’s what I like to see!

It’s fairly understated, but not everything that goes into your wardrobe at the moment need to be an all-over print or some massive graphic on it (though I do still love them). It would have been pretty cool if Cindez had done others with more than one hand putting dashes of paint on the tee, although I guess that would have been about as subtle as a brick through your window compared to this version.


Costiness=€30 Link (link to XL size, click around to find your size)


Philly Skyline by Jaymacalgiano @ Etsy

by Andy on December 19, 2007


So, do you love the fine city of Philadelphia enough to wear its skyline across your chest?

Personally, I didn’t even know that Philly had a famous skyline. Still, I like the imperfect print on the charcoal long-sleeve tee, and how damn long has it been since we had a long-sleeve tee on HYA (that wasn’t sent to me for review)?

Costiness=$30 (shipping included) Link



After an impressive response, Day 1 is over! The winner will be randomly picked out when we get the chance, and a tee from Mauve‘s range of The Quiet Life will be on its way soon. Sad that you forgot to send an e-mail over the past couple of days? Don’t be! There’s still four more chances to win.

The winner of Day 2’s giveaway will get a random tee from Mauve’s selection of streetwear by The Hundreds.

Just like the first time around, all you have to do to enter is send your t-shirt size and mailing address to using the subject Day 2 and your name will be added to the draw. Just so that we’re clear, even if you entered the first day, you need to enter every day to be eligible for all the contests, but please only enter on the correct day after I have posted saying that the new day has started, otherwise I might have to not count that days entry. Also, because we’re doing this by the book, you can see the full contest rules here and view them in Google Docs here, please note that the contest is only open to people from the US and EU.

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