Cotton Filter: 031207

by Andy on December 3, 2007

Chop Shop:

If you order from now until December 25th, you can get %15 off any purchases at Just make your selections by adding them to the shopping cart and when you are ready to check out, just add the coupon code cholidayshop to the field marked “Enter coupon code” and click the “submit” button below that. This will register you as eligible for the %15 discount. Happy Holidays from The Chop Shop!

Good Tees for Typographers: Here’s a list of tees that focus on fonts from, it doesn’t have the ridiculous length of a HYA list, but there’s a lot of good tees on there.

Bean Dip: New items have dropped at the Kazbah, check ‘em out.

Oddica: It’s holiday sale time with them too, from now until January 2nd 2008 you can buy a single shirt for $15, 2 for $14 a piece (so, $28 total) and 3 or more at a rate of $13 each. They’ve also got a little present for us in the form of the release of the latest issue of their PDF Magazine, which is packed full of illustrative goodness from their much-loved artists, download it here.

A Better Tomorrow: Their ‘Xmas Dash’ is in full swing. In a nutshell, the dash is a new tee design being released every day, at the low price of €12. ABT know good design, their wall stickers are amazing, so you can pick yourself up some German awesome-ness at a very reasonable price.

laFraise: Since their newsletter arrived in my inbox in French this morning, I can’t confirm 100% that what I’m about to tell you is true, but I think that if you spend more than €30 then you can get €5 off with the coupon code LFGIFT until December 31st. Or something like that anyway.

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